Explosive Media

(Sebastian) #101

release date should remain the same (mid april)

(captainquirk) #102

According to Explosive Media, their newest Blu-ray of Face to Face includes the uncut English dub. Does their new DVD also include this version? Apparently, once their 1000-strong stock of the current Blu-ray version is cleared, they’ll release a standard Blu-ray using the cut US version (probably sourced from Kino Lorber’s release).

(Sebastian) #103

still waiting for confirmation from Uli about that

(Mark) #104

I’d be happy with just a good looking, uncut DVD as long as it has the full English dub. The Kino is a disappointment any way I slice it.

(Sebastian) #105

The DVD will include the short and the long version, all three languages

(Mark) #106

The release has been delayed a couple of weeks according to Amazon.de. Don’t know if that’s related to the Garringo delay but hopefully no longer than end of the month.

(Sebastian) #107

Uli told me it’s because the company that presses the discs is just overloaded with orders at the moment so the discs will ship to the distributor a bit later

(captainquirk) #108

Does the Face to Face DVD/Blu-ray use the English subtitles from its previous DVD, or does it use Eureka’s/Kino’s subtitles for their releases?

(Sebastian) #109

While I don’t know for sure (I can ask Uli), I would highly assume that they’re either from the previous disc, or improvements upon those. As far as I know, EM does not have the financial firepower to buy goodies from other companies

(Novecento) #110

I received a shipping notice for “Face to Face” today :grin:

(Sebastian) #111

The delay concerns Garringo :wink:

(Mark) #112

Ditto, on the way. Looking forward to it.

(Sebastian) #113

Just added a few more Amazon links to our page, hoping some of y’all out there who consider an Amazon purchase will use the SWDb’s links to support us


(Novecento) #114

Arrived yesterday - number 600 and something. I’m looking forward to watching this uncut in English with good quality image and audio - then I can decide if I prefer the English dubbing (to hear Milian) or the Italian dubbing (to hear Volonte). I used to have the Japanese SPO disc which this should easily surpass.

(Mark) #115

“Face to Face” arrived in fine shape, #131. Can’t wait to pop it in tonight and enjoy it’s uncut length!

(morgan) #116

The international cut of Faccia a faccia on the Explosive Media BR extended verison disk runs for a little more than 111 min, 4 min longer than the Koch Media Sollima box release. I guess that is because of the PAL effect again? The Italian dub is by far superior to the English, in my opinion. What a great film this is and what a superb release. I found no 24 pages’ booklet along with the BRs though. However, there is a long interview with Sollima (“Spaghetti Western memories”) on the theatrical version disk.

(Sebastian) #117

hm, not sure. how long is it supposed to be?

I am skyping with Uli later, I will ask him.

(morgan) #118

Giusti says108 minutes. The SWDB’s film page (and IMDb) says 112 minutes.

(Sebastian) #119

Ah that’s no difference :wink: Depends on how you count it I guess, a few seconds here and there quickly amount to a minute :smiley:

(Søren) #120

It sounds like it to me. The dvd is PAL (approx. 4% speedup), the blu-ray is not, so 4 minutes sounds about right to me.