Explosive Media

(Sebastian) #81

as far as I know Uli now has the complete english audio

(Novecento) #82

Great news! Looking forward to this one!

(david collins) #83

i have two VHS copies of Face to Face, one is titled High Plains Killer which is an ex rental tape and the other is titled Face to Face and is a sell through tape from 1995.

(Novecento) #84

No prizes for guessing which Clint Eastwood film they took the name from there!

Are they both uncut with English audio?

(Rutledal) #85

Could you post a picture of the High Pains Killers covers?

(ENNIOO) #86

Here you go :smile:



(Martin) #87

Yes, “High Pains Killers” would be an even better title – “Pain is their way of death!”

(Martin) #88

Great cover, Ennioo!

(david collins) #89

been some time since i watched it but im sure High Plains Killer is the full version. the audio dosent seem any worse than other tapes from that period either. ill have to watch the 4front tape of Face to Face again because i cant remember if its the same version.

(david collins) #90

If the guy from explosive media still needs some audio id be glad to send the tape over

(Novecento) #91

I love how the back description describes the two characters of the professor and the outlaw, and yet the name “High Plains Killer” along with the tagline “Death is his way of life!” completely forgets that there are two characters involved.

(ENNIOO) #92

The 4 Front tape is the shorter cut of the film.

(Sebastian) #93

So Uli tells me there are some good news regarding Face to Face, which should be on the Facebook page shortly (regarding the longer vs the US cut)

(Søren) #94

Ah, perhaps they’re doing the uncut version with SD-inserts after all ?

(Novecento) #95

More likely the complete English audio track. Or perhaps both?

(Søren) #96

I thought that thing with the complete English audio track was already old news? I want newer news :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #97

Both wishes come true


(Søren) #98

Ah they came to their senses and did what we asked for :slight_smile: Very nice. Will have to get that one before it’s gone.

(Sebastian) #99

Uli tells me GARRINGO will be slightly delayed as some audio issues need to be fixed. All these news will be reflected in catalog upgrades on their site in the next few hours. I will then tweak these infos on the SWDb listing pages as well

(Novecento) #100

Wow - that is fantastic news! Thank you Uli! When is it going on sale?