Exploitation Films

(Phil H) #161

Wasn’t sure where to post this so figured this was as good a spot as any.

When I was at the BFI yesterday I noticed this recent release of Pete Walker’s crime thrillers.


Out of my price range unfortunately but I was sorely tempted nonetheless. Especially as it has a second entire film as one of the extras. Wonder why they didn’t just call it a double bill release? Anyway, definitely something I shall covet for a while. And the series, Flipside, looks great. All British films from the independent ‘forgotten cinema’ end of our cinematic history. Which, of course, I largely prefer.

(ENNIOO) #162

I have the film Phil, but not viewed as of yet.

(Phil H) #163

Looks like a great release. I do like my Pete Walker. Let me know what you think when you get around to watching them Ennioo.

(ENNIOO) #164

Will do :slight_smile: .

(emerald) #165

Watched Trouble Man, which was good entertainment with one of the biggest Alpha Male heroes in a genre with no shortage of them. Cool to see the patriarch of the old TV show The Waltons, not only playing a sleazy drug dealer decked out in polyester and cherry red aviator shades, but getting shot full of gory holes at the climax.

My blaxploitation binge continues with Jim Brown in Black Gunn. Never saw that one and have heard very little about it.

(Bluntwolf) #166

Slaughter’s Big Ripoff directed by Gordon Douglas; starring Jim Brown, Don Stroud, Gloria Hendry, Ed McMahon, Brock Peters, and Dick Anthony Williams


“The mob put the finger on Slaughter…so he gave them the finger right back–curled tight around a trigger!”

Nice little blaxploitation time passer but nothing special. Dick Anthony Williams (The Mack) is one of Slaughter’s friends and gives a good performance as a safecracking pimp…

(emerald) #167

Hey, I have a copy of Slaughter’s Big Rip Off sitting next to the DVD player right now.
I’ll get to it tonight, I hope.
I purely loved the original Slaughter. Probably my favorite of all the blaxploiters I’ve seen.
Over the top brutal gunplay that actually reminded me very much of a spaghetti western, ridiculously evil Rip Torn as the villain, and jaw-droppingly delectable Stella Stevens as the love interest. Great stuff.

(Bluntwolf) #168

Friday Foster

starring Pam Grier, Yaphet Kotto, Godfrey Cambridge, Thalmus Rasulala, Eartha Kitt and Carl Weathers

I really felt entertained by this nice little blaxploitation flic. It’s always a pleasure to see some (short) Pam Grier nudity also…

Great cast!!!


(Bluntwolf) #169

That Man Bolt

starring Fred Williamson, Byron Webster, Miko Mayama, Teresa Graves, Masatoshi Nakamura, John Orchard, Jack Ging, Ken Kazama, Vassili Lambrinos, Paul Mantee, David Chow, Nick Dimitri, Patrick M. Wright.

Enjoyable blaxploitation flic … Fred’s Kung-Fu might not be very convincing but is fun anyway.


(emerald) #170

Slaughter’s Big Rip Off was very good-- actually one of the better blaxpolitation flicks IMHO.
Couple of nice touches lift this one up to a higher level.
Great performance by Don Stroud, who plays an icy hitman that reminded me of the one played by Joe Don Baker in Charlie Varrick. And another fine performance by Dick Anthony Williams, who plays a sleazy, hateful pimp who Slaughter first abuses, then teams up with when he needs his skill as a safecracker. I was really taken by this character, who is basically a villian who I figured Slaughter would have to take down. But that’s not the way it plays, and even if the guy was a real sleaze, he has guts and won’t cave when faced by the very dangerous Stroud.
Even more vicious climax than usual, with Slaughter basically executing the worst of his foes after humilating each in turn.
Great entertainment for those who like it tough.

(Bluntwolf) #171


very enjoyable Blaxploitation flic

–> agreed…


(Bluntwolf) #172

Foxtrap starring Fred Williamson and Christopher Connelly; directed by Fred Williamson.

Thomas Fox is hired to find a girl in Cannes, France. So he finds her and brings her back to the USA but the case isn’t over yet … in fact it’s getting more complicated.

Not even the very few action scenes can’t save this mostly tedious movie which Fred Williamson directed himself. There are a lot of scenes where Fred is just walking around in Cannes (he even watches a F1 race for a few seconds ???=wasn’t that Monaco???) or Rome that reminded me of Demofilo Fidani’s epics where usually Jeff Cameron is portrayed riding around the country side to fill up time.

Around ten years after ‘Black Caesar’, 'Hell up in Harlem or ‘Bucktown’ the ‘Hammer’ has lost most of his game. ‘Foxtrap’ is a low budget affair far from Williamson’s Blaxploitation hits.

(Ivn1945) #173

Just saw Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion

(Sebastian) #174

Damn, folks. Time to bring this topic out of retirement. Not only to exploitation films get far too little attention by everyone, but also, because they are the focus of our sister site.

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Really cool by the way, the growing Giallo home video guide


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