English-friendly Day of Anger and the Specialists?

Howdy partners, newcomer here…

I need guidance in the SW dvd-jungle, and i couldn´t think of a better place to look for it than here.

I´m planning to obtain Day of Anger and the Specialists on dvd, and i want editions that have english audio or at least english subtitles.
I know there are fanmade dvdr´s out there - Cine City, Cultcine - but i thought i´d stick to official releases as much as possible.
Kinowelt/Studio Canal has included these two films in the boxes Die glorreichen Drei - Western Klassiker 3 and 4, and according to some sites that sell them they have english audio or subs ( this one, for example: http://www.buch.ch/shop/home/artikeldetails/die_glorreichen_drei_western_klassiker_4/ferdinando_baldi/EAN4006680059228/ID27076899.html ).
I assume the versions in these boxes are exactly the same as Kinowelt/Studio Canal´s single releases of these two films which don´t offer english audio or subs, and that the information concerns the other two films included - Buffalo Bill and the Indians/Ned Kelly, respectively Texas Adios/Valdez Horses - but you never know.

So, is anybody here familiar with the versions in these two boxes? Do they offer english audio or subs, or do i simply have to go for fandubbed versions?

Both have only German subtitles and no English audio.
Specialists also contains French audio, Anger has Italian.

Thanks, Stanton!

Hi Saddletramp. You are gonna have to go the DVDR route for those two films I’m afraid. Or pay 300 bucks on ebay for Day of Anger. Unfortunately you described the SW dvd scene very accurately, it is a jungle out there!

Hi Colonel!

Yeah, i guess so. I want to support those who make the effort and release these dvds, but i need to quench my spaghetti thirst (hm, strange expression), i need to fill my dvd shelf. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the newer Japanese DVD of Day of Anger have English audio track? I think it might also look much better.

Thanks, Sundance, i somehow managed to miss that one:

“Audio: Dolby Digital: English, Italian, Japanese Note: In the English audio option the audio changes to Italian during scenes originally cut from the films UK and US cinema release
Subtitles: Japanese for all three dubs (optional)”

That means some parts in italian with only japanese subtitles as help - either way that would be like greek to me :slight_smile:

Some scenes are shorter in the English language cut so the extra dialogue is in Italian on the Japanese DVD, the only whole scene that is completely in Italian IIRC is where Van Cleef buys Gemma a gun. You don’t really miss any important info, and the anamorphic picture more than makes up for the lack of English subtitles IMO. The Japanese Cinefil/Imagica release isn’t cheap although probably cheaper than the OOP Wild East disc now.

Sounds good, even if the italian-dubbed scenes probably will keep me awake at night, wondering what they´re saying. Have to ask my wallet first, though.

Hmmm, I always considered the scenes without eng subs on the japanese disc to be a deal breaker for me.

Know its good to support the dvd companies, but if your wallet fancies a lower price there is always the Cultcine dvd r. Missing a two minute scene though compared to the Wild East version.

I´ve only seen Day of Anger once, and it was several years ago. Not sure what version, but they spoke english all the way through.
Is the Wild East disc the uncut version? Amazon. com says it´s 111 minutes long, SPO disc is apparently 109 minutes 20 seconds.

The Wild East version is the longest version I am aware of.

All right. Well, it´s either Cultcine or SPO anyway, since the WE disc is too steep.

Why not try to get a DVD-R copy of the Wild East, which should fit the task until there will be another official release of the uncut version?

Just saw that Cine City has the uncut version for sale. Problem solved!

Wild East recently re-released Arizona Colt and I think there was talk of them re-releasing the first Sartana picture, so maybe it would be wise to wait?

I would gladly buy that re-release from WE, but the question is how long i have to wait :wink:

Have a feeling it will not get re released by Wild East in a hurry. Read in a thread somewhere the guy at Cultcine does some work for Wild East from time to time. Wild East will know Cultcine are selling the title with only a couple of minutes missing footage, so why re release in a hurry ?

Best option I’d say is getting a burned copy of the wildeast.