El puro Blu Ray

Finally it seems to happen, and it was long overdue, and it will be Koch Media. The release is announced for next year with new interviews with Robert Woods and director Mulargia.
They even were able to find the believed to be lost German dub. Not more infos available for now, but it will be English friendly of course.

Great news I think …


Oh my… that sounds fantastic.

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this news for years. :partying_face: :laughing:

Don’t be surprised if there is a UK release quite soon too. :wink:


Spill it amigo, whaddaya know

As long as the Italian language is optional along with English I’ll be a happy camper and definitely add it to the collection.

Yes, actually I see that coming too … :wink:

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Wow this is fantastic. It’s not my favourite despite being a huge Woods fan but I know how many of you love this. I’ll definitely be picking it up if it’s get a UK release.

Finally! Mulargia is still alive? That’s amazing.

Vengeance Trails volume 2 was inevitable.

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I hope they release The Resurrection of El Puro as an extra feature too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cleary be an April Fools joke. But I did that years ago, so it woudn’t really be funny anymore.


Oooh a real sucker punch

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It is too much to hope for🤠

Here’s a distributor’s list from Italy which I found a while ago … meant to share it here before - it may help demystify what is available … there’s lots of interesting titles, as you’ll see :wink:


can’t come soon enough :+1:

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Many interesting titles there. I’ll Die For Vengeance would be cool if it got a release some day, it has never been released on home video.


Hah, sorry, I wasn’t aware of that, had forgotten that as it seems, but then, as we all know, the postman always rings twice …

… and El puro is amongst them, with 102 min.

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Yep … the English translations maybe a bit confusing for various titles, but you get the idea - I’m most enthusiastic about ‘15 Scaffolds for an Assassin’, or ‘The Dirty 15’ … I’d love to see this get a BD release, though the Grjngo guy at Youtube did have this up for a while, and ‘El Puro’, so at least we know the source of the material he was posting.