El Condor (John Guillermin, 1970)

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Does anybody recall this clip?


Nope … think I would have remembered :smile:

Which TV broadcast was this from ?

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Maybe it was from a workprint. I definitely remember some discussion on IMBD about this though (I can only see reviews on there now. What happened to the message board?). It might be a similar case like Dark of the Sun with a trimmed theatrical version replacing a more explicit one. At the end of the day, I suppose only those involved with the production will be able to give us the answer unless someone has another cut of El Condor somewhere. I’d love to see extra material

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They did away with their message boards almost a year ago.

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Unfortunately, the message boards are not archived, either.

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It might be the quality but Marianna Hill is strangely nipple-less in that screengrab.

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in the following article, Marianna Hill speaks, not so fondly, of EL CONDOR.

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She might have been wearing a body suit.

It’s probably the role we will always remember her for but she definitely wants to forget it happened. She even tries to claim it was a “body double” but it’s obvious it isn’t. To be honest, I always thought her acting was quite bad in El Condor. I’m not too familiar with the rest of her work with the exception of The Godfather Part II and High Plains Drifter but it’s clear that she was just meant to be eye candy in El Condor for male viewers. It would be nice to ask Jim Brown about his experiences and whether he remembers any other scenes. We need a Blu-ray with some extras! Only problem is that Warner don’t licence to people like Arrow who could probably do more it justice. I think they wouldn’t have too much of a problem with sales, especially since Lee Van Cleef’s westerns are becoming more popular among new movie fans. The content alone would probably sell it. I’m sure it would still get an 18 certificate in the UK.

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Some really nice pictures on here:

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Even though they worked together three times, Jim Brown doesn’t mention Lee Van Cleef at all in his autobiography. More than likely because Van Cleef isn’t a household name rather than some sinister reason.