Edd Byrnes, the worst of 'em all?

In my opinion, yes.

For me, Edd Byrnes is the worst SW actor ever seen on the silver screen. I’ve seen him in Payment in Blood, Any Gun Can Play and in Red Blood Yellow Gold, and he was so unbelievably bad!

He just doesn’t fit into a SW. His look (his poor excuse of an Eastwood like quiff), his still Cookie-ish humour. I don’t buy this!

His version of a westerner might be good in an episode of Rawhide, but not in a real movie or even a SW.

No,there are a lot of more worse actors in SW
Especially by some flicks made in 1972 or 73

But he always starrs in leading roles!

Only seen him in one spaghetti so far.

How did you like him, ENNIOO?

I didn’t find him too bad in Any Gun Can Play, but his clean cut image just didn’t fit in very well.

I’ll take Edd Byrnes over Alberto Dell’Acqua anyday.

He looked to boyish and his smug smile made me feel he should have been killed at times, but you never know I may start liking the guy when I view his other westerns.

I only saw him in Any Gun Can Play and I liked him very much in this one. I think he harmonises very well with Hilton and Roland.

That’s how I felt as well, he’s a bit better in Red Blood Yellow Gold.

Don’t dare to start liking him, or else…

I think, he’s always the same…

I agree with Cipriano on this. I have the other two Dillinger mentions, but haven’t gotten to them as of yet.

only seen him in “Any Gun can play” but he was ok in that.

He’s not that good but there are other SW leading actors that are far worst. The fidani guys like Jeff Cameron and Hunt Powers come to mind.

Is there a trend coming from Wild East - first they release Edd Byrnes’ double feature (which I own) and now they’re planning a Hunt Powers double feature (which I will get regardless) so who is next on the bottom of the rung of SW stars to get a double feature?

He was quite alright in Payment in blood. There are surely many leading actors that are worse than him. Steffen in his most wooden mode is one of them for example :smiley:

yes Steffen can really blend into the background a lot of the time with his non-acting.

I think Steffen is way better than him, I was surprised how good he was in Too Much Gold for One Gringo and Train for Durango.

I have not seen either one of them.