Ed Wood

Edward D. Wood Jnr. A man who gave us some of the best “So bad it’s good!” films. Classics like “Plan 9 from Outer Space” have now become celebrated cult movies that give people an enormous hoot from their ineptitude in all departments of film making and, most importantly, their simply awful special effects that offer more pleasure than those huge CGI extravaganzas. A man who is remembered for being the worst director there ever was.

Except for Demofilo Fidani, the Ed Wood of SW’s :D.

I’ve always wondered what Mr. Wood thought about his own work. Did he realize they were bad or did he seem to think that they were actually good?

I’ve only seen Glen or Glenda, it was great.

Phil Tucker always said about his movie “Robot Monster”, that he had achivied greatness with a budget like that, so maybe Wood was also as deluded. Whatever, Wood always seemed to be a huge fan of movies.

I’ve oly seen one of his films, the one. Watching it was quite amusing.

Thinking about the flying saucers in it always make me smile.

By the way, has anyone seen “Jail Bait” or “The Sinister Urge” as I have heard they are quite underrated movies by Wood.

The complex technical interior of these saucers intrigued me…

Oh yes, very complicated insides and of course, there is that ladder that has kept great minds thinking way into the night over what it is there for.

The complicated control panels…

…And the box-shaped outside which is supposed to be part of a round flying saucer.

Maybe a trick of the light?

Or maybe a trick of the mist machine?

I’ve not gotten to SINISTER URGE yet (so many movies, so little time), but i have seen JAIL BAIT. I’ve heard JAIL BAIT referred to as ‘the closest thing to a good movie Wood ever made’. I’d still only recommend it to Wood’s fans as i still wouldn’t call it a good crime film. It does have some decent actors mixed in with the typical bad acting that comes with a Wood flick. Lyle Talbot plays a Police Inspector, and Steve Reeves has his first big screen appearance (even flashes his pec’s and ab’s in one scene). The acting and sets are still mostly bad, but there is a fun plot twist at the end for those who make it that far. And since it is a crime film, there is no call for his wonderful special effect’s, though he does manage to give us a black-face vaudeville act for our amusement. :o

It sounds great! Thanks for the review. Oh, and ditto “(he) give(s) us a black-face vaudeville act for our amusement.” :o

I’m with Spaghetti Monkey on JAIL BAIT. It is honestly the only Ed Wood film, apart from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, that I have been able to finish!

I have only seen Plan 9. Besides waiting for the notorious Ed highlights it was a total bore.

Ed is dead

I’ve not seen any Ed Wood film at all :P.

I actually quite enjoyed it. The last word I would use for it would be “boring”. In fact, I was more entertained by “Plan 9 from Outer Space” than hordes of childrens made-for-TV movies.

I quite enjoyed Glen or Glenda. Wood’s personal connection with the subject matter gave it a bit more weight I think.