Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

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[quote=“Silvanito, post:60, topic:328”]Hmm, what about a spaghettiwestern with a gang of National Socialists out in the wild west, that would have been a bizarre cult movie ;D[/quote]Sounds little like Django Kill! to me.

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I enjoy this film more every time I watch it. This is a better buddy picture than even FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. If you let them the characters really grow on you over the course of the film. I couldn’t stand Steiger’s accent the first few times I watched it and really wished Eli Wallach would have been allowed to have taken the role. But after watching it a few times and forgetting that Rod grows on you. Coburn is Coburn and a truly over looked actor. The music is really compelling and is one segment of the film that really pulls it all together for me. The scene in the grotto where Juan finds his family slaughtered is shot silent except for the music and Leone is a master at conveying feelings by sight alone. Like I said before it gets better and better with every viewing.

(Silvanito) #63

They are probably meant to be “Fascists” in Django Kill, whatever that means.

I was thinking a spaghettiwestern with historically accurate politics, that somehow ended up in a western setting.

Or maybe just, like in some biker movies, a gang with swastikas and bits and pieces of nazi uniforms :smiley:

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The German government had a sphere of influence thruout Mexico and South America at the time, and sent advisors and arms suppliers there regularly. I rate this film a 3 1/2, mainly because of Steiger’s bad Spanglish. Now I know where Pacino got acting lessons from. This film would have been way different if Peter Bogdanovich had directed(original choice) and Leone met with Peckinpah to discuss his involvement. Too bad nothing came of that. Eli Wallach did want the Miranda part, but studio honchos thought he wasn’t a big enough star at the time. It really didn’t matter because the film tanked anyway. By the time of it’s release, SW’s had become passe’.

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saw the “special edition " of this last night and i first saw this film some years ago. after this second viewing i didn’t like it so much. it is overlong and uneven in my opinon. having said that it is a leone film and has a epic look and feel to it and has a fair share of good scenes and seems like a early test run for the much better " once upon a time in amercia"at times.i love a lot of ennio morricone’s themes and those who have read some of my other posts know i adore his " once upon a time in the west " score but the music here doesn’t do a lot for me,and the same with the much praised two lead performances, both are adequte and steiger’s gets better as film goes on but he was famous for " overacting” and it’s certainly present here especially in film’s first half.finally unlike OUATITW and the later"once upon a time in amercia"film is never moving.good but not a classic in my opinon.

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My favorite of Leone’s.

(Silvanito) #67

I love this film aswell, and I love it’s wonderful score by Morricone

This is a much more sad and bitter film, as opposed to the Dollars-films who had mostly a lot of sardonic humour.

And to me it feels more like a true spaghetti western than OUATITW did.

Steiger is overacting many times, but it doesn’t matter I think. Wallach did the same as Tuco, it’s just how the characters are meant to be.

It’s a great buddy movie, as Tom B says in his post above.

As a political western it’s also a bit different to the others, lacking the simple naive messages they often had.

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Love it too, the uncut version is amazing… i can’t think of another movie where the deleted scenes are so essential.

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I really love this also. I consider the overall atmosphere and ambience of this movie totally unique unto itself, while still being completely and unquestionably Leone to its core. I agree with Lindberg that Steiger is not overacting any more than Wallach and I for one am not bothered by the accent. The action scenes are outstanding and I find myself completely buying the friendship between Coburn and Steiger as it develops.

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that’s ok guys i respect your opinons. it’s not a bad film ( i gave it 3 stars),i just don’t think it’s great it’s just my humble opinon.different views is what makes this site, thanks everyone for not calling me a c… he he

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I’m with you on this one, Name

It’s not bad, it has some magnificent scenes, the uncut version is a major improvement, it’s political message is interesting and less one-sided than that of most other Zapata movies

But it just doesn’t work for me

So tell you mule that I’m not a bad guy after all

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This is ok guys, we can discuss as adult people nowadays, without any crazy outbursts :wink:

Btw Scherp, Tepepa didn’t make it into your top 20, I thought you were quite enthusiastic about it at first?

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I forgot to mention it, it should be somewhere between 12 and 18

Those things happen when you get older

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Why don’t you change it?

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I would never do that. Everybody has a right to their own opinion. I can’t understand anybody who would think otherwise.
I had some problems on the Lovelockboards before because folks would just outright attack you for not sharing the popular opinion.
Needless to say I don’t type there often.
I understand some people are passionate about the films that they like by some just take it to a totally different level.

As for DYS there is still one essential deleted scene that should be included.
Sean’s forced march through the desert.
Leone cut it out but I think the movie would benefit from its presence.
It would clear up that glaring continuity error between the scene where the stagecoach blows up and the church blowing up.

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I think you are right too Lindberg. It really doesn’t matter if they are overacting and certainly does not detract from either film but personally I don’t think of it that way. Particularly Eli Wallach as Tuco, who I now know was the original choice for the part of Juan.
Eli Wallach clearly had a ball in TGTBATU and had a wonderful way of conveying emotion with just his eyes. Rod Steiger does this too in “Giù la testa”, particularly in the scene when he has to listen to those foul occupants running his people down and of course in the cave sequence.
And yes there is a great deal of sadness too which makes for a very different Leone experience. Although there is the obvious sadness we all know that runs through OUATITW.

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Working on it

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really, i find out of all the forums it’s the least argumentative one, what’s your username over there?

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It’s Hunchback.
Brian (Il Commissario) would tell me, via pm, that there was a lot of watercooler talk about me being “too negative” towards “every movie that I review”.
This simply isn’t true.
Most of the reviews and comments I’ve left of the films there have all been positive.
Even if they were negative I don’t see much point in attacking me.
Not blaming you, just some others that I’d rather not name on here.
Another problem on that board is there seems to be a popular clique and those left out of it are occasionally given abuse. Such is the case with Bloodvampire (I think that was his name). That guy was verbally abused to no end for several weeks without reason.

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The most important thing is that we acknowledge the SW genre as a whole

Apart from that we’re bound to have individual favourites, and some films are more popular than others, and occasionally some fans totally disagree with what the majority thinks about certain films.