Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

(Bill san Antonio) #41

Yes, probably my favorite Morricone score.

I think the main problem with the film is Rod Steiger in the lead. His accent is quite terrible. Leone’s choices, Eli Wallach or Jason robards would have been much better. But it’s 5 star movie to me anyway.

(ENNIOO) #42

It would have been great if Eli Wallach would have been in the film, and perhaps would have been an even better film ?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #43

I love this film, it’s in my top 10 :slight_smile:

(Cemetary) #44

(Cemetary) #45

Barely 3 stars. Coburn fine, Steiger should stick to farmers or Landsmen.

(Earl McGraw) #46

Watch it again and change your mind :wink: I don’t like the first twenty minutes or so from this movie. All the fast zooming and stuff, it annoys me. Leone always liked to zoom in a little bit of course but after his highpoint OUaTitW he made this and went way to far. It just looks so damn ugly. Happily enough, once we meet Coburns character everything about this movie gets better and better, and you’ll find it’s an other Sergio Leone masterpiece. I also like the ending alot, it’s so touching to see those two opposite characters care so much for each other.

(seanmallory) #47

The ending… oh god. It shocked me when I first saw it - a Leone hero dying? WTF? ;D
But later I understood it - Sean had a style, even in his death. :’(

I hate Gunter Ruiz, that german son of a bitch. >:(

(ENNIOO) #48

I like Gunter Ruiz in this as he is a man who know’s what he want’s !

(seanmallory) #49

Of course he knows what he wants. ;D To kill poor Sean… :’( :’( :’(

(valenciano) #50

Hi, i want to know if someone could edit the dvd section of this movie. The advertised special edition is not available anymore on but the steel book is. the link is

but i dont wanna mess with the database without checking back. i think i will buy the steel book, since the special edition was what i wanted but they cancelled the deliverance…

(Sebastian) #51

gimme one sec :slight_smile:

(valenciano) #52

Finally saw it and it was as good as expected.
Few questions: Günther Ruiz is supposed to be german or is he mexican? what is his motivation? and why is sean saying about him that it is personal? any ideas, but in general he is a bad motherfucker, the raw egg; classic.

To the movie: I think it is good and has a leone feel to it. The flashbacks and the great score reminded me of once upon a time in AMERICA, which i also like and which also is a bit open ended.
It does feel like a peckinpah since it is very violent(maybe even a bit too much with all the executions) and the setting reminded me a bit of the wild bunch. The outlaw who is drawn into the revolution! And the scene where he pees on the ants in the beginning reminded me of the kids “playing” with the ants and the scorpions in the wild bunch.

I like rod steiger in this one, a tuco character would have been too much for me, and he is very believable with his love for the kids. So i think he manages quite well. And coburn is the man. The score is beautiful, and alot of memorable scenes. Well i will go and rewatch it with the audio comments of Frayling, the documentaries are interesting as well.
Did i mention the score is superb, good that morricone at least got the honorary oscar.

(seanmallory) #53

I think Ruiz is half-german. He has a typical Nazi face… ;D

(valenciano) #54

My browser didnt show the smileys at the beginning and i wanted to start a big discussion :o
Well I just dont get what a german would be doing in the mexican revolution especially with his tank. And the nazis came up quite a bit after the revolution. In the documentaries they say it was a hit at the faschists in italy. who knows.
by the way: Why half german??? because his name is compination of german(günther) adn mexican(ruiz)?

(Cian) #55

There would have been/probably still are lot’s of European names in Mexico/Central America. Lot’s of Europeans settled that part of the world during the various occupations and colonial periods. Germans were the biggest number of emigrants into the USA so probably lot’s went to Mexico too. So it’s probably not unusual to come across a German named Mexican army officer! Not half as weird as coming across lot’s of Irish named Murphy’s and O’Malleys in Argentina but they are there!

(valenciano) #56

Yes I know what you mean, but that could be the case if he had a immigrants last name. But immigrants first name means the adopted a mexican last name to give their child a german name?

i looked the mexican revolution up on wiki, and found out the germans where supporting huerta in doing a counterevolution. well but that were not the nazis yet, and his uniform does not look alot like first world war.

(Cian) #57

Towards the end of the First World War, Mexico was pro German and the German government actualy tried to persuade Mexico to invade the USA to divert American troops from the Western front!

(seanmallory) #58

Almost every Zapata westerns have Germans. I don’t know what they did in the Revolution, but there’s two german officers in The Wild Bunch too.

I don’t said he’s Nazi, just looks like a Nazi. ;D Yeah, perpaps Mexican father and German mother, or Ruiz is only a spanishized form of a german family name.

(valenciano) #59

I think he should look like a nazi, and surely does. But Leone is normally more precise with historics. And i looked it up, it is correct that the germans wanted the mexicans to start war with us to get them out of the way, or at least out of the world war.
In general this film reminded me alot of the wild bunch. And i remember the germans there too. Well if anybody is fucking around in history we allways seemed to be involved, of course nobody likes us, hehe.

well i dont think any mexican man would give his son a german name. I think it is to fit the cliche.
lets get back to the movie, its really good. Maybe i even like it better than the first two dollar movies. not sure yet

(Silvanito) #60

Hmm, what about a spaghettiwestern with a gang of National Socialists out in the wild west, that would have been a bizarre cult movie ;D