Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

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Fair enough, we never had no problems though.

I know what you mean about Bloodvamp though, but lets be fair 99% of his posts were pointless shit

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Point taken.

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Though I don’t like Duck You Sucker as well as any of the ‘dollar trilogy’ films, I agree that this movie gets better with each viewing. Its a good flick. Beautifully shot. Coburn and Steiger had a unique chemistry that somehow worked. Coburn was fantastic in this like in all of his films and you can’t fault Steiger for not trying. Love the character development. Have always thought that ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ was the better title.

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Best title would still be Once upon a Time the Revolution

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Agreed, the French-release title.

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It’s not as good as Leone’s previous offerings , 4 stars.

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I always liked this movie. Not as brilliant as Il Mercenario but IMO one of the greatest Revolution-Western. One of my favourite scene is when Miranda and his sons are attacking the bank and they find out it’s a jail. :smiley:

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I Love dynamite! I think James Coburn is a great actor, and Sergio Leone is a magnificent director of magnificent films such as this. It lived up to all my expectations. Everything I look for in a Zapata Western. This is somewhat off topic but I recently have been reading a review book on westerns by author brian garfield. He offers reviews of most westerns but writes off all spaghetti westerns as brutal, disgusting, offensive trash! I think he is wrong and his books should be boycotted! >:(

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I really really like this 2nd installment of the “Once Upon a Time” Trilogy.

It’s a real shame Leone wasn’t able to keep the title he wanted, “C’era una volta la rivoluzione”, which was only maintained for the French release. It’s funny how Leone made two trilogies but in both cases only two of the three movies had the names of the trilogy in them (“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Duck, you Sucker” being the respective exceptions). It’s also a real shame he was prevented from giving Eli Wallach the role of Juan which he had promised to him.

Oh, if only wonderful directors like Leone could have been left in peace to do it just the way they wanted it… Speaking of which, I haven’t heard much recently of Carla Leone’s and Arnon Milchan’s promise to ressurrect all the cut scenes omitted even from the original Italian release of “Once Upon a Time in America” and insert the audio in the same way they did for “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” special edition.

James Coburn, as always, is great. However is Irish accent is only marginally better than his attempt at an Australian one in “The Great Escape”.

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This is actually my least favorite Leone film. Ive watched it several times over the years and more recently past few months (in the Sergio Leone Anthology box and on TV). I just don’t enjoy it that much and find it pretty boring. Its a very scattershot type of movie. Not easy to follow and get into for me. I think Steiger’s acting is way too over the top and his accent comes off really fake which makes it weird in parts. It just doesnt do it for me. The score is probably my favorite thing about it. Its strange because I love Leone. His other films are pretty much perfect, but this one is like a pothole in the road.

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I saw this movie yesterday for the first time actually. My favourite Leone-film is For A Few Dollars More which I have seen many times. The other Leone-films I have seen several times as well. It is a clear link between Duck, you sucker and Once upon a time in America in the way he composes the film. Duck you sucker is far better than i expected, but I must admit I had low expectations to this one.

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Actually I like it pretty much. In fact It’s my number two. First of all it’s big entertainment. The actors are stunning. It’s got humour, it’s still serious at times. No boredom at all in this one.

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A film which has grown on me over the years. First time I viewed I thought it was shit, but now think it is one of Leone’s best films.

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I liked this movie a lot more a second time around. Although, I do not feel like it’s a sw. Sure it was directed by Leone & scored by Morricone but it has a different feel to it. I’ve seen somewhere where it’s debated whether zapatas are sw’s. I feel they are but this one, for me, is judged on a different plain.

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I agree with you on this, this is not a western. It’s a revolutionary film, and the same goes for “A bullet for the general”.

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Duck, You Sucker isnt my fav Spaghetti Western (I guess its only half anyway)

The Opening scene is fantastic with rich people putting down the mexicans was really interesting the way he made them seem like pigs but I think the film needed more of that style editing later on aswell it got you really interested & then became just like any other western

I didnt relate to any of the characters I thought it was kinda cliche the going back & forth with the Flash backs it tried to give him more character development but it didnt really help

I understand it helpd the story with the other person who doubled cross’d them later but I felt the IRA bag & the wanted newspaper was suttle enough for me made the film seem more modern seeing the old irish pubs & the style of clothing etc…

I really like James Coburn but not in this, his irish accent was On & Off…

If only the movie was a cross between Companeros & Pat Garret & billy the kid

I’dd Give this a 3 out of 5 also

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I gave this a 3 out of 5. The first time I saw it I was so bored I fell asleep halfway through. The second time I watched it I had to force myself to pay more attention and made it all the way to the end. But I still find it quite boring and forced. There are many non-Leone films I like better, many Morricone scores I like better, and also many Zapata westerns I like better. It’s not all bad though. I did like the surprising scene with the bank that turns out to be a prison. Also, the ending had some emotion to it. Steiger and Coburn’s chemistry was there but it also felt a bit forced to me.

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To me, this is an incredibly underrated movie. Emotionally speaking, I think this is Leone’s strongest film and it’s also very rich thematically. I loved it so much I couldn’t believe it lasted more than two hours, I honestly felt like it was too short! It really feels different from the other films of the sub-genre (it’s a lot darker, amongst other things), it feels like Leone is closing the cycle, it’s the Zapata western to end all Zapata westerns. Number five in my spaghetti top, a true masterpiece.

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I also really like this movie, surely not a typical SW not even a typical zapata western. The flashback scenes are very dreamy, totally different than the ones normally used in SW (Il grande silenzio or death rides a horse as examples). It is a very unique film, but I really like it, even though its flaws are hard to deny and came up quite often: fake accents, hard to get into, maybe overlong and boring.
I think some scenes are overlong, I especially dislike the scene at the bridge where the shot the tank and all the mexican soldiers. It drags on forever, machine gun blasting over and over, i just dont think it is very interesting to see waves of people getting mowed down by a machine gun. Maybe its symbolism for the unneccesary loss of lifes in trenches, but i dont see it in this film as that (In contrast to the war scenes in GBU, that show the waste of men in wars). But other scenes were very effective, for example the shooting of the prisoners. Very strong image, typically Leone.
I personally think it is definitively worth watching this film, but if you get bored than it just might not be your cup of tea. If its just a few scenes that annoy you though, you should give it a try.
I’d say it is soo much closer to once upon a time in america than to any of Leone SW.