Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

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i am new to this,i love Spaghetti’s and found this site by accident WOW!
i’d just like so say that i went to Almeria last summer and me and some friends found some excellent spaghetti western locations. Anyway, we found where James Coburn blows Rod Steiger’s Wagon up and believe we found a few pieces of it!

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A Fistful Of Dynamite is my second favourite spaghetti, after The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - it’s brilliant - the characters, the backstory and a truly absurd but wonderful score from Morricone. Sean! Sean! Sean!

(Silvanito) #24

I think Morricone’s score is the best aspect of this film!

The man is a genius :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #25

I agree, one of his best scores. I’ve tried to buy the soundtrack for a long time but I’ve never had any extra money in my pocket. Does anyone know where it could be bought for fair price?

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It was released on CD in Switzerland, a wile ago - I bought it - I think the title on the packaging it “Todesmelodie” - it’s a great, great score, probably because it’s so off-the-wall. I mean, out side of Rupert The Bear, where else are you going to hear frogs on a soundtrack? :smiley:

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I am going tomorrow to Almeria. If you have any hints about where to find some locations, i would be happy to hear them. Besides Mini Hollywood of course. Some Castilian locations I have seen already.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #28

If you go to San Jose you can see the windmill from Ringo (The sails have long gone though) on the side of a hill, go a bit further down the hill and along the coast and the big rock in the sea from "blindman"is there.

Mini Hollywood is cool, there’s a zoo there aswell, also check out Texas Hollywood though i think they was in the middle of calling in “Fort Bravo” when i was there. Don’t bother with “western Leone” because everything that needs to be seen can be viewed from the roadside.

oh yeah,and on the backroads behind mini hollywood is where Coburn blows up Steiger’s wagon and just behing the fence of Mini hollywood is the wooden bridge Tuco crosses in The Good,the bad and the ugly.

I’ve been to the chase locations from “The big gundown” and seen the monastery kind of place from good the bad and the ugly but it is now a very dangerous construction!

There as so many locations in the area and some you may even notice just by looking about in small whitewashed building towns.
The only problem is i don’t know how to get to each place i’ve just been there, hope i’ve been some help.

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Thanks! I´m sure that your instructions are a great help.

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I think it’s a shame that this movie is so underrated. It’s really great and I consider “gui la testa” to be one of mr. Leone’s greatest achievements.
To sum up: I love this movie;]

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I really like this movie even its not the best Leone, but the story is great the cast also and the music.
It also one of the best friendship movie i saw (usual friendship not Brockback one :wink: )

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learn english you fool and respect good movies. this is a masterpiece!

(Django211) #33
It also one of the best friendship movie i saw (usual friendship not Brockback one )

Did you see the restored version? If so maybe you didn’t understand the final flashback & the “usual” friendship Sean had in Ireland.

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i did, its wonderful!

(New Brandon) #35

4 Stars, perhaps only because I have only recently seen the movie and haven’t seen it enough times to fall in love with it yet… or perhaps because it’s not quite as good as the previous two Leone movies, but still very, very awesome.

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I love this movie ;D as it seems from my name :smiley:

Coburn has done one of his best performances. And the score is wonderful.

Yeah, it’s like as Sergio wanted to make a Peckinpah-film. But he done it good. :smiley:

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Sean Sean…Sean Sean…Sean Sean :wink:

(Phil H) #38

This is a good film, no doubt. But it is way below Leone’s other films in my opinion and as such I probably judge it harsher because of the standard the great man set. Strictly a 3 star movie for me.

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I love this score ;D

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The score is just awesome !!!