But the best beer comes from Germany and Czech Republic… good old purity requirements :wink:

Yes I know, and each town or district has it’s own local brand, right?

Almost, yeah. The bigger cities (at least here in Germany) have more than one local brand.

guys, here in the united states, you get like the lamest beers ever. but i now joined a club that has 110 kinds of beer and i am gonna try them all. they are from all over the place. no real good german beers though except hefeweizen…

Cant wait to I turn the drinking age

Is it the same age requirements in all US states for buying/drinking alcohol?

In Sweden you have to be 18 to drink in pubs, and 20 to be able to buy alcohol in liquor-shops.

No 21 is the legal drinking age. Cant wait to I turn 21. Just wondering does anybody play any drinking games with TV Shows?

How is the food in Arizona?

Are you going to visit Mexico?

That sucks, here in England the age is 18.

But don’t you have to be 21 to buy alcohol in pubs?

The law states “18” but some premises choose a “No under 21’s” policy but it can be 18 if they wish.

so here’s to a nice drink :slight_smile:

Yeah, in Germany it is 16 for beer and wine, but when I visited London, they told us in one pub: “Oh, you guys don’t look like 21, so I can’t sell you beer”. He sold us beer, so we thought it was a joke :wink:

i’ve found a really nice German beer called “DAB”

very nice @ 5%

it says on the can
"brewed according to the German purity law of 1516"

i’ve enjoyed a few cans tonight actually :slight_smile:

Whats your favorite five alcoholic Drinks?

Im not the leagal age yet so here’s some im dying to try.

1.)Jack Daniels
2.)Samual Adams
3.)Vodka(tried a couple of times very good)
4.)Captain Morgan rum
5.)Tequila(also tried very strong to me)

1 Pastis (Casanis=the best,othewise Ricard or 51)
2 South france red wine (cheaper and better than Bordeaux)
3 Bloody mary and Gin Tonic (i dont like sugar so no-sugar cocktail fit for me)
4 Ouzo
5 Japanese shotchu

During the summer I like to drink larger (carling black label, becks, peroni) or gordons gin & shwepps tonic. In winter I usually prefer teachers whisky & canada dry and even the odd tequila sunrise (tequila, galliano, orange juice and grenadine). I don’t drink a lot though, honest.

Hey I know a joke related to the topic of this thread, perhaps someone might appreciate it…

A woman went into a pub, and asked the barman for a double entendre.
So he gave her one.

A woman went into a pub, and asked the barman for a double entendre. So he gave her one.

Hehe :smiley:

I was wondering if you drink anything special during christmas time in your countries?

Here in Sweden we have special beer for christmas with a slightly sweet taste, and also a type of heated wine that is similar to german glühwien, but with a sweeter taste.
I usually also have some genuine german glühwein to drink. There’s also different types of schnapps, but I’m not so much into that.

egg nog with Bacardi 151 :wink:
mulled wine

When on the straight and narrow, coffee and water for this guy. I live for coffee…

When not on the job, beer and whiskey are my faves. I prefer a single malt Scotch, nice smooth Irish whiskey (Jameson’s) or, being Canadian of course we have quite a few good rye whiskeys of our own too. I take it neat for the most part - I don’t smother it with cola like most of my buddies! :wink:

‘Castlemaine XXXX’ is the one for me!