What are your favourite drinks, both alcohol and non-alcohol?

I like coffee, plain water, redwine, beer, tequila, and an occasional coke!

coffee, water, red wine, white whine, beer, coke, southern comfort, campari orange, caipirinha, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, jägermeister… the list goes on…

coffee, green tea, white russian (two kinds, one is not a drink), Beck’s beer, long island ice tea, coke …

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becks puke :wink:

What kind of beer do you prefer, Sebastian ???

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uh… mostly local brands, like Augustiner or Bischofshof. but i also like the crappy french Desperados coz it tastes so fresh :wink:

Yeah, you southerners like your local brands of beer !!! ;D

well, there just is not better beer in the world :wink:

well right now Its mountain dew or water (Im to young to drink alcohol sadly)

Agree :wink:

What I like is mostly coffe, water and beer. Which beer? The best: Radeberger, Hasseröder…

the best beer is a snow white! a beer mixed whit 7-up! thats the way I like them wooaa!
or a nice cola without gas, for on a warm sunny day!

It sucks not being 21

Such drinks I don’t call beer!

wy not? beer with 7up rocks! whoaa!! party!! I can drink atleast 7 of these babies! but than im loosing a bit of controle over myself! whoooo!!

White Russian , ha.ha. i thought you meant women till i looked down at your pic.!!!


luxardo sambuca
Jack Daniels
J & B


Red Stripe
Stella Artois
San Miguel

if none of the above whatever will get me Rat-assed!

Oh, I really love Red Stripe. When I was in London for one week I used to drink this every evening. It is almost impossible to get it here in Germany, so it was great to drink it there. And for me as a fan of jamaican music… :wink:

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:16, topic:341”]Beer:

Stella Artois[/quote]

Yodlaf, The best belgian “pils beer” is Jupiler!!!¨:-)

Red stripe is the ultimate for me, it’s not too strong and it’s not like piss water either!

Have you tried the thai beer Singha? It’s really good :slight_smile:

They make beer all over the world, even in Asia ;D