Do it yourself western

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Since I’m new to this forum and I don’t really want to spam al over this forum about my own westerns I start this topic.
At this moment I’m editting the western I shot with friends and started writing my new script, get a new crew and try to do the next one better.


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Actually these are pre-screenshots

By woutertv[/URL] at 2009-11-22img]

By [URL=]woutertv at 2009-11-22

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where are you shooting this at?

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These pictures are in the Ardennes in Belgium

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This one is shot with a Canon XLS and a Panasonic consumer camera , we actually shot it in one weekend in Ardennes, some abonded kazerne near Aachen (Germany) and in Holland. The budget was about 1500,- euro’s and we did it for the occasion of my birthday party

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It looks good. Will the public (i. e. me) be able to view it on the internet?

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Thank you!

I’ll put a trailer online some times soon. (I hope the end of this week)
I don’t think I’ll put the film online.
I consider this film an exercise to see what me and my best friends could make. (I shot this one as a bithdayparty-thing)
We shot this 18 minutes with about 3 people with some set-experience in one weekend. (and about 12 in total)
(actors with no experience at all)

I’m currently working on a new script I plan to shoot early spring and with a more experienced crew. More preparation time hopefully more budget and a better script.

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Looking forward to the trailer!

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Any Italians or Spanish on this forum?

Can somebody translate:

When you don’t see a bear is hungry
you should better watch out.

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Maybe I should show a little more before posting this,
but what the hack.

I’m looking for people with nice accents to do lipsyncs, because one cowboy with Dutch accent in a film is enough I think.

So if you have a good voice, and some possebilities to record on your computer (new Mac book pro has quite a good microphone) Please contact me. Since the wild west is a land of immigrants, I look for all kinda accents (Irish, Brittish, Polish, Spanish, Italian etc.)

Of course you’ll get a DVD in return

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[quote=“Hungry_bear, post:8, topic:2084”]Thank you!

I’ll put a trailer online some times soon. (I hope the end of this week)[/quote]
I’m looking foreward to watching the clip. Please include a link on this thread to the place you have posted the trailer.

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of course, for sure I’ll post it on

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Can’t wait to see it!

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Looks good!

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The film is now at the soundeditor…
Anybody else plans and doing their own films here?

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Do some terrible SW dubbing ;). By the way I really hope I will make The Beast tomorrow! Shame on me if I don’t!

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We did some dubbing,
I’ll be waiting for the Beast…
no problem.

I doubt about using more dubbing the next film, 'cause all gunfighters with Dutch accents will be terrible.
Seen El topo yet?

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Not seen El Topo yet, but I’d really like to. I save the greats for a while ;).

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DVD cover

trailer will be online soon…