Do it yourself western

Since I’m new to this forum and I don’t really want to spam al over this forum about my own westerns I start this topic.
At this moment I’m editting the western I shot with friends and started writing my new script, get a new crew and try to do the next one better.


Actually these are pre-screenshots

By woutertv[/URL] at 2009-11-22img]

By [URL=]woutertv at 2009-11-22

where are you shooting this at?

These pictures are in the Ardennes in Belgium

This one is shot with a Canon XLS and a Panasonic consumer camera , we actually shot it in one weekend in Ardennes, some abonded kazerne near Aachen (Germany) and in Holland. The budget was about 1500,- euro’s and we did it for the occasion of my birthday party

It looks good. Will the public (i. e. me) be able to view it on the internet?

Thank you!

I’ll put a trailer online some times soon. (I hope the end of this week)
I don’t think I’ll put the film online.
I consider this film an exercise to see what me and my best friends could make. (I shot this one as a bithdayparty-thing)
We shot this 18 minutes with about 3 people with some set-experience in one weekend. (and about 12 in total)
(actors with no experience at all)

I’m currently working on a new script I plan to shoot early spring and with a more experienced crew. More preparation time hopefully more budget and a better script.

Looking forward to the trailer!

Any Italians or Spanish on this forum?

Can somebody translate:

When you don’t see a bear is hungry
you should better watch out.

Maybe I should show a little more before posting this,
but what the hack.

I’m looking for people with nice accents to do lipsyncs, because one cowboy with Dutch accent in a film is enough I think.

So if you have a good voice, and some possebilities to record on your computer (new Mac book pro has quite a good microphone) Please contact me. Since the wild west is a land of immigrants, I look for all kinda accents (Irish, Brittish, Polish, Spanish, Italian etc.)

Of course you’ll get a DVD in return

[quote=“Hungry_bear, post:8, topic:2084”]Thank you!

I’ll put a trailer online some times soon. (I hope the end of this week)[/quote]
I’m looking foreward to watching the clip. Please include a link on this thread to the place you have posted the trailer.

of course, for sure I’ll post it on

Can’t wait to see it!

Looks good!

The film is now at the soundeditor…
Anybody else plans and doing their own films here?

Do some terrible SW dubbing ;). By the way I really hope I will make The Beast tomorrow! Shame on me if I don’t!

We did some dubbing,
I’ll be waiting for the Beast…
no problem.

I doubt about using more dubbing the next film, 'cause all gunfighters with Dutch accents will be terrible.
Seen El topo yet?

Not seen El Topo yet, but I’d really like to. I save the greats for a while ;).

DVD cover

trailer will be online soon…