Django's Cut Price Corpses / Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo (Luigi Batzella, 1971)

Just finished watching this for a second time. But as I was wasted the first time, it was like a whole new experience.

Coincidentally it’s also the second Batzella flick I watched this week; Blackmail being the other. Django’s Cut Price Corpses is as bad as Blackmail, but way more fun. If you like Fidani’s westerns, this one comes easily recommended. The opposite is of course also true. If you dislike Miles Deem’s work, do not watch this one.

Anyway, Jeff Cameron is the Django of service here. He’s after the Cortez brothers, who robbed a bank in Silver City and fleed to Mexico. There are also some others after the gang: Fulton who needs to get the gold back and Pickwick who wants his saddle back (because it was a gift from his grandpa). Needless to say there’s also a lot of interest in the stolen gold.

A fun Paolo Solvay flick that manages to entertain, despite of its utter cheapness.

Version watched: A rip from Dutch television.


I watched this not too long ago, but I sadly can’t remember much… what I do remember is that it actually was different than God is My Colt .45 and Paid in Blood which are pretty much the same exact thing. Hah. I, being a fan of Fidani’s work, of course appreciated Django’s Cut Price Corpses as well. Maybe I’ll have to watch it again sometime!

I don’t remeber too much about it as well. I remeber it was pretty horrible, but at times it provided some unintentional laughs. It had the most laughable whipping scene ever. 3/10

Haha, hilarious ;D.

Just downloaded a Dutch TVrip of this from CG (probably the same that BL has). Does you version also run 1 hour and 16 minutes?

[quote=“Silence, post:4, topic:1819”]Haha, hilarious ;D.

Just downloaded a Dutch TVrip of this from CG (probably the same that BL has). Does you version also run 1 hour and 16 minutes?[/quote]
It’s the same one, though I don’t have it anymore.

One of the worst SW.
Great competition to Fidani.
My rating 1 / 10.

The German TV version ran about 85 minutes. Too long.

Fidani looks like Leone compared to this. Among the worst 10 SW I’ve ever seen.

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Would have to agree.
Anyone who thinks Fidani is the worst SW director has clearly never seen a Batzella flick.
Amazingly I stayed awake throughout this one (just) but it falls firmly in the ‘for completists only’ category.

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I’ll have to watch this again sometime… haha.

The nice looking print helped me get through this, but still depressingly dull film, imo

I’ve been thinking of getting the dvd but then again I’m not sure if I ever want to see the film again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, I’ve given up after approximately 8 minutes of this film. Should I persist?

It looks so cheap, like it was made in somebody’s house in Italy and my god that endless, ridiculous barfight scene…

Great title for a movie though.

My thoughts on this for 10,000 Bullets. :slight_smile:

Nice review Pacheco

Just watched this the other day and was amazed that one of the cortez brothers was actually a woman !
As for the film, what a load of garbage lol

Just watched this and its absolute rubbish, even by Jeff Cameron standards this is sub-par. I give it 3/10

Not viewed this in a while, so thought would give a re watch. A mess of a film really and even Jeff cannot rescue it. A film I will watch when I am dying as it will send me over the edge for sure.

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Is it really that bad? I was planning on downloaded it and give it watch,…hmm maybe i shouldn’t then. :-\

I actually plan on seeing this one - sounds like a mind-bending piece of garbage. :slight_smile: