Django's Cut Price Corpses / Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo (Luigi Batzella, 1971)

You never know you may like it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s bad. But I had fun with it anyway. DVD looks good by the way.

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Watched this on blu ray …

yes this is a weak movie but we cant disregard the soundtrack… 8)

Reasons as to why this movie got a Blu-ray release in the first place must be more interesting than the film itself, no matter how trivial and tedious these reasons are. I wish I could write up something meaningful with regard to the story or the execution, but the thing is practically everything about this shit is bad. There are two words that perfectly describe the kind of shit this movie is: fucking terrible. It is just that. Half of the time you’re unable to make out what the fuck is going on because of how bad (and when I mean bad, I mean really bad) the editing and the framing is. The incompetence is too tame a word to delineate the level of technical ineptitude that the motion picture manifests. Some lines, such as this one:

Shame on you! Is it possible you don’t realize what miserable sinners you are?

voice acting as well as sheer ludicrousness are bound to provide a chuckle or two, but this is quite definitely one of the worst spags out there. Yes, it is an abomination. I wouldn’t say it’s unwatchable, as I was still kind of interested in how worse it could possibly get, but even then it got worse and even more insufferable. Recommended for completists only, preferably for those that are into masochistic stuff or something along those lines. It’s like this crap repeatedly pounds your head into the ground until there is nothing left but a bloody pulp.

It is mind-bending all right.


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Never seen this many negative reviews here…Damn lol

Is it the worst youve seen?

I’d rate it as second worst with God’s Gun the worst (have never been able to get past the first 15m of that).

I have however tried to avoid the really bad ones (with worst reputations) so there may well be worse.

No, there is a handful of worse abominations. The above review is slightly hyperbolic for humorous purposes, but generally speaking, the flick is just dreadful, this is certainly Batzella’s worst western. I tried to re-watch it the other year, but lost my patience halfway through and turned it off, it really is awful.

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Good to know