Django TV show in the works

What in tarnation


What Next ! Where is the new Django film thats what I want to know.

No reason why either project can’t be completely successful. Not to be shrugged-off, the musical-score for Django will have to avoid modern preconceptions. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

The good point is it’s being made in Italy…

I haven’t seen any recent italian tv shows or italian movies but I can’t see how this could be any good.
It won’t have the same atmosphere, grittiness, cruelty, violence, music, camera work and overall feeling.

The italian cinema from 1960 -1980 was something very unique that just can’t be remade today.

Django Unchained was good but it doesn’t feel like an italian western in my opinion.

well it isnt :wink:

‘Django’ is being described as a high-concept reimagining of the cult 1966 Sergio Corbucci Western that launched the career of Franco Nero (pictured), but with the grit and edginess of today’s premium TV.

Eessh, I’m excited for this but I really hope they don’t take things too seriously, hopefully they’ll keep some of the campiness that has other series like Ash Vs. Evil Dead being so much fun to watch.

“Django,” which will be Sky Italia’s first full-fledged period drama, is likely to become the first of several Spaghetti Western concept series being developed in Italy to hit global screens. “They could potentially open up an entire new genre strand,”

Fingers crossed for a Django and Sartana Crossover!