Django Shoots First / Django spara per primo (Alberto De Martino, 1966)

The Dorado release runs about 1hr, 23 mins and 26 seconds and the out of synch one at around 1hr. 31 mins and 39 seconds…so this is the longest version ? Where do you think the out of synch print comes from then Stanton ?

Seen this in a local store for something like 16 bucks. Will probably be picking it up after reading this review!

I thought from the cinema club release. Cause of the forced subtitles. In the end the added Engl. dub is totally useless and I watched it in Italian with the subs anyway.

But the colors were definitely much paler than on my German TV recording, which looked excellent. On the screenshots by Autephex (where is he btw?) both DVDs look similar.

I’m surprised that the Dorado DVD has only the shorter runtime. The database page says 95 min, which would be the same as the 92 min Pal runtime of the CC DVD.

I was surprised re the Dorado release aswell. Just checked again and the Dorado release does have the running time I mentioned. The cover of the Dorado release does state 95m mins though, and this is why this running time is probably quoted in the database. Was just going to view the film, so looks like I will not be watching the Dorado release. Good question re Autephex.

In that case I won’t try to get the Dorado DVD either. The long version is really an improvement.

About the DVDs? My guess is the 2nd UK one listed here:
doesn’t really exist, and Amazon has somehow managed to mix up the soundtrack CD cover? So you can’t buy the DVD as a two pack with “Anda muchacho spara”

Anyone know anything? I guess the other UK dvd is OK, but it’s worth knowing how many films you’re buying!

Ordered the soundtrack from Amazon the other day. Should be arriving via post today. 8)

Studio Canal is releasing Django Shoots First on January 14[sup]th[/sup]: [url]

It’s PG so I wonder if the censor’s scissors have been at work on any horse-falling scenes…

[quote=“John Welles, post:28, topic:915”]It’s PG so I wonder if the censor’s scissors have been at work on any horse-falling scenes…[/quote]The certificate wouldn’t be an indication about horse falls. If a horse falls in a certain way it will be cut over here regardless of the certificate.

Very true Yod - have you seen the film and do you think it would merit a PG?

[quote=“John Welles, post:30, topic:915”]Very true Yod - have you seen the film and do you think it would merit a PG?[/quote]Yeah PG is about right. I’ve got the previous Cinema Club release and that’s a PG :wink:

An Amazon user complains : “This was exacerbated by the fact that only half of the sub titles displayed”

Anybody here who owns the new StudioCanal UK DVD?

There’s a new Dutch/Belgian release (the first in history of this movie as far as I know, it was released on VHS though)

It seems uncut, image quality is great, but … it’s not English friendly (Italian/Dutch subs):


More Info here:


Hopefully there will be more Dutch releases.

Funny, I watched this few days ago and I can’t say I was really that entertained but now I mostly remember only good things about it. I especially liked Sancho as a sidekick which was nice change from his usual bandit roles and Ida Galli who has unusually strong female role for a sw.
Not one of my favorites but at least it’s a bit different because of the comic tone.

My rating: 5/10

Did Inter-ocean ever release a widescreen VHS of this film? They normally released both a widescreen and a fullscreen version. My VHS is fullscreen unfortunately. I do have the DVD, as well, but I’m torn between having English audio or watching it in widescreen.

Not sure. Only ever had fullscreen versions of the Inter-Ocean tape like you.

Enjoyable film with hero, faithful sidekick, mystery man ally, femme fatal, sweet love interest, sheriff, bad guy and henchmen.

So I haven’t revisited this title in a while, and just trying to catch up regarding the different versions.

I have the Dorado DVD and I guess its another one I need to sell off since its cut by several minutes…

Which is currently the best version of this film? StudioCanal UK?

Django might have waited for the little blue car to pass before shooting … this is actually the very first ‘shot’ in the movie.