Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)

(Yodlaf Peterson) #241

I think Enter The Ninja was an exception, from the late 60’s onwards he uses his real voice most of the time.

(Stanton) #242

Actually his original voice is near to unbearable for me in Il mercenario. His dubbed voice in the Italian version sounds so much more “original”.

(scherpschutter) #243

I don’t like Nero’s voice either. His English is okay, but he speaks between his teeth and his pronunciation is a bit odd. It often detracts from the movie. In the case of The Mercenary the Italian voice indeed makes all the difference. before I got the recent German/French discs, I was used to the Italian Mondo Home disc, which had only Italian audio, so it was quite a shock when I first tried the English audio.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #244

I’ve only ever seen The Mercenary in English. I want to see it in Italian now. Shame the Koch DVD hasn’t got English subs.

(scherpschutter) #245

Here’s a small part (the Arena scene) from The Mercenary with Italian audio:

(ENNIOO) #246

Do like Nero’s own voice myself, and I often find his voice a little on the sarcastic side which works well in films like the The Mercenary.

(Mickey13) #247

I somehow like his voice as well.

(Bad Lieutenant) #248

In The Salamander he does his own voice in English. But it’s more like mumbling with an accent. Hard to discern what he says in the movie. Dreadful really. To top it off, he also does the voice over!

(scherpschutter) #249

I have the Swedish DVD of Keoma: only English audio and no subs in a language I know; like BL says: hard to discern what he says on a couple of occasions.

(AngelFace) #250

I like his English voice well enough but I don’t think he is completely comfortable or natural speaking in English. He doesn’t sound 100% fluent, compared to, say, Milian who has a fantastic voice.

I suppose if you are not a native English speaker it makes him that little bit harder to understand too.

(laska) #251

Was the music in the 1st town scene deliberately off-key? Or is it a result of aging film? Either way,it works. it suggests aplace where everything’s NOT QUITE RIGHT-to say the least!

(Bluntwolf) #252

(Stanton) #253

According to a review the German subtitles are still taken from the German dub, which is a pity.

But it is a positive surprise that Django is stilll released in 1,66:1, the film’s original aspect ratio, instead of, like it too often happens, masking it for 1,85:1.

(Bluntwolf) #254

The reviews there are mainly about the Kinowelt DVD but I’m still not sure. Need to check that !!!

(Stanton) #255

Just check the final scene and Fajardos last words. One review which is about the Blu mentions that still the same subs were used.
I would buy it immediately with subs translated from the Italian version.

Edit: I was wrong, it was a review about the older DVDs. Actually there ain’t a review yet of the Blu cause the Blu’s release was only 2 days ago.

Then Bluntwolf, please check Fajardo’s last words in the film.

(Mickey13) #256

At least the cover is nice (but of course reminiscent of a poster for Django Unchained).

(Bluntwolf) #257

Get ready to buy the BluRay, Stanton. Major Jackson’s last words (italian and subs) are:“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” Django responds:“So be it!” and shoots the villains down. So I wasn’t mistaken, there’re new subs. :smiley:

(Stanton) #258

That’s good news. I always was interested to compare the German dub with the Italian version.

But the correct translation, if I’m not wrong, of “cose sia” should be not “so be it” but “amen”. Even if this means the same.

Hmm, but checking Leo, maybe I’m wrong …

Jonathan, please help

(AngelFace) #259

Amen always translates as amen but we were always taught that Amen means “so be it” as in cosi sia. I’m not sure “so be it” is ever formally replaces Amen in liturgy though. At the time of Django mass would still have been in Latin, Corbucci and scriptwriters were probably brought up that Amen meant so bit it/cosi sia. They might have chosen to say cosi sia as it would be slightly less blasphemous for the censor but hardly given the benediction that preceeds it!

(autephex) #260

Recent episode of The Simpsons opens with a Django knock off theme and western themed animation: