Django Kills Softly / Bill il taciturno (Massimo Pupillo, 1967)

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Pretty good movie that had the potential to become minor classic of the genre. The story was interesting and kept my attention well. The cats was good as well: Eastman as protagonist and Luciano Rossi as villain. Nice music as well. But there are some things that in my opions would have to be changed to make it a top material:
*the direction should have been more inspired, it was mudane and some scenes almost cried for some creative camera angles and stuff like that
*what was up with that title sequence? Eastman posing and similing to camera like in some commercial. that would have to be changed without doubt
*the scenes with obiously falling dummies would have to be cut out
*as well as large portions of barroom brawl, i would have left it more in the background - leave some sections of it from the beginning and the end
*and this terrible saloon song should have been left out as well
*i would also want to do somthing with the scene where building in the center of the town gets burned and nothing happens to the builindgs next to it and noone is bothered by the fact that they can catch fire. i would have placed this particular building outside of town or something.

  • the town in this one looked like a pretty decent one so why there were no inhabitionats there? and if it was supposed to be ghost town why villain who was supposed to own the whole land resided here? makes no sense to me. it should have benefited from using some extras.

All this whinning porbably made everyone believe i disliked it. That’s not the case here. I liked it a lot, it just makes me a little bit sad that obivious potential this film had wasn’t used to the fullest. Oh well, it still gets 7/10 from me. :wink:

I don’t remember much of this film, but I fear it was only a 2 or maybe a 3/10, or mediocre to say it in words. I only remember Django Kills Softly as a total routine SW.

I liked this one. Been a while since I’ve seen it, but I remember it was a nice surprise, better than I expected. I remember it had a nice title sequence with a rearing horse and good music. I also remember some energetic gunfights.

I just rewatched this one.

Man! Montefiori’s art of riding is unique. I wonder why Fidani didn’t hire him for all his movies.

And Rossi is great as an almost-Kinski. His lunatic skills are superb.

Unfortunatly the flick has also got its lenghts, especially the whole saloon party. Just singing, dancing and fighting for about 15 minutes. That’s hard stuff.

But I like the movie. The beginning is also hard stuff, but good hard stuff.

Not so loud, there might be SDs around

Does Django kill softly at any point in the movie?

or his profiler.

this was better than i thought it would be, has some good moments and easily watchable. i have always liked George Eastman in Sw’s. could have done without the lengthy bar fight and dance though, that was just padding and nothing to do with the rest of the film. film was ok otherwise, not a classic but ok.

I could do without most barfights though…

I agree with everyone here that this isn’t the best western, but I found a lot to enjoy and be entertained by. It definitely has its flaws, but I still think it’s worth watching.

I just posted my review of the film on my site, check it out.

George Eastman does a decent job here and Rossi is manic which is always a plus but the erratic storyline and bar room padding as mentioned above are serious faults which drag the whole thing down. It was still watchable and Eastman and Rossi deliver enough to raise it above the bottom tier but it could have been a whole lot better. The character of El Santo, for example, was awful. Just running around yelling “you filthy dogs” isn’t enough to make a role like that worthwhile.
If the option was there I’d give 2.5 but as not it just scrapes a 3 from me.

[quote=“Dillinger, post:4, topic:1126”]Unfortunatly the flick has also got its lenghts, especially the whole saloon party. Just singing, dancing and fighting for about 15 minutes. That’s hard stuff.

But I like the movie. The beginning is also hard stuff, but good hard stuff.[/quote]

Yeah the bar fight and dance scenes were torture, other than that I liked it as well.

Don’t understand why Eastman takes such a risk in 2 of his duels, by walking toward the person and letting them shoot at him before he shoots.

Eastman looks so young with a not so full beard in this. He does a good job I thought, one of his better roles I have seen him in so far. Not a dull film by far, always lots of shouting or gunplay on display. Plenty of slimeball characters in this one. Like already said, alot better than expected.

Routine and not particularly well-executed stuff whose novelty begins and ends with the nervous ticks of Federico Boido. It also had some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard. The score had some nice up-tempo Morriconesque parts, possibly the best feature of the whole film.

Amusing spaghetti, not really special or great but certainly good enough. I really liked George Eastman in this as well as the raging Luciano Rossi, who is just great for this type of role. Federico Boido (The Nervous One) was also a cool addition to the film. The saloon performance scene should indeed be skipped. I actually liked the fallen dummies, it’s hard because it is a man that crushes to his dead. And you really see it crushing the rocks. If you only see a dummy rather than a fallen person, you should find it funny. :slight_smile: As with the smiling commercial style of the opening credits. This indeed looks verry silly.

I rewatched this after a number of years gap. The first viewing was a very poor Concorde vid-rip that was very Django plays softly and fuzzily…
I didn’t remember a lot and was probably disadvantaged by the poor quality that put me off watching it with full attention.
Watching it again in a better form was a relative joy.
I enjoyed this despite it’s improbable story-line and lapses of judgement with Eastman drawing late into duels… but this is spaghetti-land and to be expected.
Highlights included another good performance by Eastman (I’m warming to him), but Freddy Boido (always a pleasure) as the twitching bully was a standout supporting performance. The brief appearance of Delores was a treat and when she rummages under her skirts for summat for ‘Django’, … unfortunately money ::slight_smile: I had to hope to see more of her (but unfortunately not to be) …she was an absolute babe!

Combined with lots of gunplay and lots of energetic falling of rocks and buildings made this a relative goodie. 3 stars.

A decent result of director Massimo Pupillo considering the ridiculous small budget he had available for realizing this movie. Nevertheless, I will not watch this one again…

Just re viewed this one. Eastman is still not bad, but an average western role for him. Like mentioned above some scenes go on to long, and sometimes you do wish for a special scene to come along. And of course it does not really which just makes this a standard western, and not as good as my first viewing of this one.

George Eastman was good, as usual, but I could hardly bring myself to watch the film till the end. Watching it a second time didn’t help. Also, I think in some place the music was the same as in Preparati la bara, but I might remember wrong.