Django Does Not Forgive / Django non perdona / Mestizo (Julio Buchs, 1966)

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there is not much info for this film on the database only the info mr. stanton has provided.
can any one on the staff provide more info for this django film.
i really want to know were to start looking for a copy of this one! :slight_smile:

sorry if i did not add enough info for this this film.

I did?

Can’t remember doing so.

Anyway, there is already a thread for this one in which you may find some further information. At least some opinions:,1954.0.html

No, no. I think he means this film:

I have a dvd-r of German version but haven’t watched it yet.

Ha ha, sorry, yes, Django not Sartana.

But Mestizo is 100 % Django-free.

Quite rare film this one.

yep, does anyone know if english version exists?

you guys know were to get a copy from? spanish version is fine for me spanish is my second language ;D

I’ve been told it does, but I have never found one.
I think it is hilarious that this film is listed as having a US release title of DJANGO DOES NOT FORGIVE.
Why is it hilarious? Because this film was NEVER released in the USA! No matter what the IMDB says.
That title is, of course, just a direct English translation of the Italian title.
And like Stanton said…there is no Django in the film.
Just as there isn’t a Ringo in $100,000 DOLLARS FOR RINGO.
I saw DJANGO NON PERDONA in Spanish many, many years ago via a poor, 3rd generation VHS tape. The film was not very memorable and I either ended up recording over it or trading it to someone back in the mid 1980’s.

i don’t know chris the film seems very good, plot wise anyhow-been trying to track down a copy ever since i read about it in the booklet that came with the django/django strikes again dvd set that anchor bay relesesd many years back,

The original title of this Spanish film is Mestizo. And that what it is about. Racial conflicts in an war about racial matters which centers on a half-breed.

Mestizo doesn’t bear any SW trademarks, and retitling it to a Django is just as meaningful as a rerelease of Rio Bravo as Django Kills Them All.

It wasn’t released in Germany theatrically, but got later a VHS release in 1987. And it was shown on Pay TV, so that German copies exist. But mine hasn’t a good picture quality.

do you think it is worth for me to track a copy down?
i guess it is like the film “man pride and vengeance” being slapped with the word django when it was released in germany!

In this case the German release wasn’t labeled as Django. It was called Mountains.

Is it worth to get it? Hmm, not for people who prefer generally SWs to US westerns.
But I wouldn’t pay money for it. It’s worth a look, but only if you can get it with a trade, and then only in a language you understand.

There’s a tv-rip floating on cinemageddon with the Spanish dub only.

Only now I find out there’s a booklet with it … quite interesting as well. Ta for mentioning.

I have just finished watching this movie (German VHS transfer) . Of course it’s a joke to give it a “Django” title and it doesn’t have any SW trademarks except for the “vengeance for a slaughtered family” plot, maybe.

Quote Thomas Weisser:

“A Royal Mounted Police officer rapes and kills Django’s sister; obviously the notorious bounty hunter swears revenge. But it’s a long and winding road that eventually puts Django in the middle of an Indian vs. Army war.

To say the least, it’s all very anticlimactic.”

Well, I would say “Mestizo/Mountains” is certainly worth a look, if you have the opportunity. It’s not too bad for a B-Western … but it’s also certainly not worth hunting down.

Well, he’s not too wrong this time.

Well, I guess he’lll have to be right sometime… which means this is the only Spagh he’s viewed ;).[/quote]

Hee hee hee!

Well, you know what they say: Even a stopped clock is correct, twice a day! ;D

As there is no “notorious bounty hunter” (not even a not notorious one) in the film, I would assume he hasn’t seen it. Maybe he mixed a synopsis he had read with his usual expectations of a Django film.

You’re right Stanton. The short part I left out 'cause of spoilers also indicates that he probably didn’t see the film. Some things he writes fit the movie, some don’t.