Django and Sartana’s Showdown in the West / Arrivano Django e Sartana … è la fine (Demofilo Fidani, 1970)

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Did my best with little wiki knowledge. Here it is:…_%C3%A8_la_fine/Review

Anyone who can improve it… be my guest!

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Great work again, scherpschutter! Lovely translation 8)

Also thanks to p. pereira!

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:13, topic:2114”]People that don’t like this film are either not inebriated enough when they watch it or have very little sense of humour. One of the worst? Come on! Kid Vengeance, Trinity & Sartana, On the Third Day Arrived the Crow, Finders Killers, Drummer of Vengeance… Do you really want me to name 50 more? All way worse in the fun department.

And Blondell bad? Come on. Come on!

How the fuck can you say that?[/quote]

The fact that there was a bit to laugh here and there doesn’t make the film much better. I saw it years ago, at the beginning of my SW craze, and really thought it was the poorest western I have ever seen. Which also means it was extremely boring.

Drummer of Vengeance is much, much better. The other 4 are typical films I have avoided so far.

Does Blondell really do anything in this film apart from standing around? Or sitting on a horse and and looking to the left or the right?

I liked her surprisingly in Sam Wallach, but in A Barrel Full of Dollars she was again back to the Barbie doll acting style. Generally she lacks the charisma to compensate for her inapt acting.
Plastic face.

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:17, topic:2114”]And then I haven’t even mentioned the (no less than four) delicious blond girls …
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who start looking for this film after reading this review, and those who don’t. Whatever you do, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that you were in for a very bad treat.[/quote]
Heeheehee! I’m in the first camp on this one. Great review both of ya!

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Thanks, Rev.

@ stanton:

Different strokes for different folks of course. But you cannot honestly say that Drummer of Vengeance is the better movie of the two. Quality wise they´re both bad, but Ty Hardin´s dress up party is no fun whatsoever. The only good things about that movie are the stolen (recycled) music and about half a minute of Rosalba Neri.

Furthermore I find it odd that you say Blondell is good in Savage Guns, but here she’s not. She shows more leg there, but the acting is the same. I think she’s pretty good, considering the flat character roles she is given. The eyes, chico. That’s already a sufficient mark for acting right there.

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I find it myself odd that I liked her in Savage guns, and it had something to do with her legs. I’ll have to check her scenes in again if there was more than her legs, but I remember that I needed some time to realise that it was the same girl as in Arrivano D. et S.

But it was just a few weeks ago that I watched the Koch DVD of A Barrel and there was again not much. Her gaze was mostly empty.

I somehow found her erotic in SG and totally bland in the other 2.

Drummer of Vengeance was an ok western, uneven, sometimes a bit hilarious, sometimes goony, but with several good moments. Compared to any Fidani I have seen it was at least much better directed.

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I didn’t recognize her in Savage Guns. Or prehaps I didn’t know her at all then?

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Hmm, I just checked the Era Sam Wallach thread, and it seems I liked her acting in this one:

[quote=“Stanton, post:23, topic:434”]Yes, one of Fid’s better outings, with several memorable moments (and not all of them were also silly).

At first there was lots of time to watch at Simone’s long legs (mostly in stockings), and, surprise, surprise, after her zero-acting performance in one of Fid’s worst films (it was this Sartana & Django sheeeet), Simone is really acting here, and it was a pleasure to watch her facial expressions (of course that’s only when I was able to focus away from her legs). It was even interesting to look at here, when the focus of the scene was elsewhere (and now I’m not talking about legs).

I forgot what the story was about, but that’s no greater problem, as several unconnected Fid-typical-don’t-know-why scenes only prove, that Fid possibly also had often forgotten what the film was about.
A highlight of these was the scene which introduced Peter Martell, Gordon Mitchell and Lincoln Tate (funnily under their actual names) as a trio of famous and ruthless killers, only to let them disappear thereafter, without mentioning them again. Ha ha, so wonderful, if this had been in a film by Sergio L., he would have got all the applause for this risky idea, but Fid got only the laughter. And I fear, the laugh was mainly about him, not with him.

Oh, and the revenging lead is given us by Robert Woods, who is in the beginning the only survivor of a massacre (don’t know why they all were killed), and spends the rest of the film’s 89 mins in mild Black Jack manner with killing the killers. One of the unconnected motives sees him burdened with a psychological trauma, which is introduced and explained, but never tied together with the revenge plot. But it was connected, without disturbing too much, with one of these lovely leggy scenes.

The two charming dancing scenes (a rather short one with an oldtimer and a rather long one with a saloon dancer) should also get an extra mentioning, as they both showed a strange beauty, and had of course absolutely no narrative function. Contrary to your expectations, the saloon dancer wasn’t Simone, but her face and legs were nevertheless on the spot and thereby adding to the general pleasure.

Sometimes I got the notion that all these throw-in-for-free things were only there to fill the time.
But then, then I think maybe we all do injustice to Fid, maybe it were the gaps in his films he was really caring for, maybe the conventional western plot was only the bait for us, maybe the lovely sculptured gaps are in fact connected with an unconscious band we fail to see staring only at the obviously uninteresting plot, maybe he, all the time, was just like Hitch only affectionately shaping the vase while we were only judging him for the (mostly withered) flowers in it, maybe he’s the real cinematic SW anarchist. But maybe not.

But, but apart from all these entertaining moments, the intentional as well as the unintentional ones, the sorry truth is, apart from them, the film was mostly a bore. And by this fits the author theory very well.


And I liked this … well, … review. Reason enough to repeat it here.

All in all not so different from your review Bad L. , which indeed sums up the film very nicely.

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Haha, I knew it. Her legs in that movie made a great impression on me as well.

(Small screencap from my review)

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:29, topic:2114”]Haha, I knew it. Her legs in that movie made a great impression on me as well.

(Small screencap from my review)[/quote]

Yeah, that’s it.
I need a better copy of this film. Mine is in one of these Mill Creek 20 movies packs.

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I watched it at Google Video.

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What!? I like this film… but I like all of Fidani’s spaghettis. This Django and Sartana flick is much better than his with Fabio Testi…

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[quote=“Stanton, post:30, topic:2114”]Yeah, that’s it.
I need a better copy of this film. Mine is in one of these Mill Creek 20 movies packs.[/quote]
I have the Swedish VHS, a nice widescreen print. Recommended! If I had the technical means to copy, I’d hook you up.

This is the Mill Creek version.

Still need to check the Testi one. I have the French dvd, which looks good, but is in a certain shitty language.

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The Spanish DVD looks excellent too, but it only came with their language. A fan dub would be nice…

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[quote=“p.pereira, post:21, topic:2114”]Did my best with little wiki knowledge. Here it is:…_%C3%A8_la_fine/Review

Anyone who can improve it… be my guest![/quote]

Great work p.p.

Wonderful screenshots, try not to like this madman called Mitchell, just try …

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[quote=“cm215, post:32, topic:2114”]This Django and Sartana flick is much better than his with Fabio Testi…[/quote]You gotta be crazy!

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Nice review BL, makes me want to give this a re-watch sooner rather than later. :wink:

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[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:13, topic:2114”]And Blondell bad? Come on. Come on!


This girl is still in my head… someone left a comment in my blog relating to her connection with Fidani, he said she was his daughter. Anyone confirm that?
I did some research and some websites states otherwise: a wife!

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No, his daughter. (Maybe both? Dirty old Fid?)

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Maybe I am… haha… but that film with Fabio Testi is pretty bland compared to this one. I don’t see Fabio Testi as a tough-guy actor (even though he isn’t really a tough guy in that other flick, it’s still a tough-guy environment.)