Displaying/Showing Off the Collection (SW)

Hi all those in Italian Western Land,

I’m curious to know if anyone out there in the collecting world has a specific way of displaying the films in their collection. I have my own method, listing them chronologically to be exact, and wanted to see if others have a way they like. Here’s some photos of my collection, and I highly encourage others to tell/show how they do it. I’ll sporadically update when I add stuff to my collection, enjoy


Nice. You say that you order them chronologically but all your Arrow releases are next to each other :slight_smile: We have a whole subject somewhere discussing how one orders ones collection. I have mine ordered by publisher as that is most pleasing to the eye.

But I notice you bag your releases. Very nice. I do that as well for all the releases where the last line of defence is paper of some sort. That is e.g. boxsets and slipcased releases.

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Thank you for the kind reply,

I should’ve mentioned that I keep the majority of my Arrow releases together and sorted them by Japanese Crime/Yakuza/Gangster, Western, Giallo, and miscellaneous. My Criterion Collection is kept together too as they and Arrow are my top two favorite labels.

I’ll have to check out that section on displays, I didn’t see anything when I checked before starting this thread. Thanks.

Nice collection! I’m a bit confused though, since those titles aren’t in chronological order at all. Do you mean the chronology within which you bought them (eg you bought the Sartana box, then Django, then the Ringo movies, then Day of Anger etc.)?

My collection is divided it up into “Blu-rays”, “DVD films” (both of which are in my living room), and “DVD TV shows” (which, for space reasons, are in a different part of the house altogether) and then, after that, it’s alphabetical all the way. Not especially inspiring but it feels to me like the only way in which the collection doesn’t wind up becoming a bit of a disorganised free-for-all.

Thanks for the reply,

I meant to say in my initial post that I sort my collection chronologically and by packaging, box sets first, steelbooks/special cases (I.e slips, mediabooks, digipacks) second, and finally standard cases. I should’ve had it there initially but I didn’t want my opening of the discussion to be too long. I hope this gives everyone a fair idea of my methods.

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Ah, cool. Although I think that, in that case, you’ve got Django, Prepare a Coffin (1968) and Requiescant (1967) round the wrong way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I never thought of release date as an option, thanks :pray: