Displaying/Showing Off the Collection (SW)

I have been an active new SW collector and aficionado for less than 3 years and so far I have bought and have ongoing orders together totalling close to 100 SWs (DVD, Bluray or a few DVD-r).

They have been selected after a careful evaluation process (for example by reading many of this forum’s informative threads) resulting in that over 40 % of these SWs are now rated 7/10 or higher by me, i.e. very good.
On the other hand only less than 20 % of all these I rate as 5/10 or lower i.e mediocre or worse.

Thus I assume that I have been able to systematically avoid most of the many less entertaining films in this genre apparently consisting of much more than 500 SWs.

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You are even pickier than me lol!

I haven’t really added any in a couple of years, but the last time I checked I had 112 SW DVDs in my collection, perhaps 15 BR and 12 VHS.

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I don’t have any VHS.
I wasn’t aware of the vast amount of SW on VHS until I joined up.

I have 186 combination of DVD, Blu-ray and DVD-r.


You have an impressive collection.

I was gonna ask those with a high number to show, not just tell, then I noticed we had a topic for that and I merged the two topics accordingly

I reckon 250+ when I take out all the duplicate copies.