Die Helden faulen in der Sonne

Looking for a film (might not even be Spaghetti) with the - likely Austrian release - title “Die Helden Faulen in der Sonne”. All we have to go on are the following hand colorized lobby cards, there are no FSK stickers, no actor names… but maybe they look familiar to some?

It’s shot in Madrid. The ground slopes down from the saloon, so I believe it’s the town at Colmenar El Viejo.

Eric Mache over on FB said the first still reminded him of SON OF DJANGO/VENGEANCE IS A COLT 45, but he wasn’t sure… maybe we are getting closer to this mystery.

I just fast forwarded thru that disc and couldn’t find a matching scene to either of the three pictures we have. No Sheriff riding like that, no beating scene with a leather jacket and four shiny buttons on it… so I think it is not this one

another lead we had is that picture two looks like Jeff Cameron…

From the film Quinto Fighting Proud.

I’ll be damned. I think you’re right! How did you find out? I just skipped thru the movie on YOuTube and could indeed identify the third of the lobby cards as the fight in the barn towards the end. And at about minute 16 there’s the guy falling out of the stagecoach. Haven’t found a scene of the sheriff riding thru town but I think it leaves no more doubt, your honor. No more questions. The prosecution rests.

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We also have a topic on this movie here.

I watched the film twice in the last two months and the fight in the stable at the end stuck in my mind. The first lobby with the sheriff leading a posse happens around the five minute mark.

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