[Deu] DVD/BluRay Veröffentlichungen


(Sebastian) #701

Ein obskurer Krautwestern kommt als eine der ersten 4k BluRays in Deutschland


(Sebastian) #702

Am 24. März 2016 veröffentlicht Explosive Media den Italowestern “Garringo - Der Henker” (Garringo, 1969) jetzt auch auf Blu-ray (als limitierte Combo), außerdem erscheint eine DVD-Neuauflage.

Ebenfalls im März erscheint eine Single-DVD Auflage von Sollimas “Von Angesicht zu Angesicht” (Faccia a faccia, 1967)

Quelle: http://www.italo-cinema.de/416-explosive-media-garringo-der-henker-im-maerz-auch-auf-blu-ray

(Søren) #703

What a rip-off. Not a year since I bought their dvd-release of the same movie.

(Sebastian) #704

Well they are out of print, can’t blame a small label from trying to reach break even at some point :wink: I am more interested to see when they will pull a Kino and do Face to Face on BluRay, too. You can always hawk previous releases on Ebay. I for my part will always try to keep the edition with the most extras.

(Søren) #705

It was Garringo I meant. Forgot to mention that :smile:

My point is why release something on dvd and then not two years later put the same movie out on bluray. I would have bought the goddamn blu-ray then if I had the choice.

(Sebastian) #706

Sometimes to test the market, sometimes because the HD material wasnt available upon the initial release, I dunno…

(Stanton) #707

At the moment both are still available at Amazon.

The DVD of Garringo is good enough for me, and For Face to face I have the Koch Sollima Box.

(Sebastian) #708

Heute neu im Handel


(Farmer_J) #709

I’l probably end up buying a copy of that, as long as the pic quality is greatly improved. Shame about no English options though. Possible future fandub?

(Sundance) #710

So what are the chances the new Face to Face disc will have the full English audio (if the older does not?) and the kind of transfer that is on the old Koch disc and not the Explosive Media disc? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why but Explosive’s Face to Face and Big Gundown DVDs are both filtered to remove the grain. The quality difference of the Face to Face discs is not very big (but I would expect the bigger the screen the better the Koch disc is) while the quality difference between the Big Gundown is very noticeable… as far as I can remember.

(Sebastian) #711

that would be a good set of questions for @upbruckner :wink:

(Sebastian) #712

2 neue, 3 kommen noch, habe den Icestorm Katalo mal angefangen zu erstellen


(Sebastian) #713

Bullet for Sandoval, 18/3/2016


(Sebastian) #714

3 Musketeers of the West, 24/3/2016


(Stanton) #715

It is most likely not an uncut version. Not if the 92 min runtime is correct. Probably the US DVD, which is at least longer than the German version.

At the moment a lot of cheap German DVDs are released by bad labels which throw on the market what they get without much caring. Too often in pissy picture quality, and often cut and sometimes also in versions shorter than previous German releases.

It seems that e.g. the new German DVD of I Want Him Dead uses the same master as the Koch DVD, but now 2 min are missing. The new Sartana is Coming DVD is heavily cut.

(Sebastian) #716

Yes all very sad this licensing business :frowning:

(Rutledal) #717

Do you think the films that had English audio on the X Rated and Simple films releases will have it on these releases too?

(Sebastian) #718

Noch mehr low budget ramsch…


(Farmer_J) #719

Finally. Here’s hoping this will be an improvement on the VHS source and not another cut to ribbons fullscreen mishap. Even if it has no English dub included, I’ll probably still snag a copy.

(Farmer_J) #720

They’ve added English and Italian language options to the Amazon listing. Here’s hoping it stays. And its apparently widescreen too.