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Is there any other releases of this film? And how’s the Australian dvd? by the look of the dvd cover I guess it’s one of those cheapie fullscreen releases.

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Is there any other releases of this film? And how’s the Australian dvd? by the look of the dvd cover I guess it’s one of those cheapie fullscreen releases.[/quote]

Well I have the Australian VHS and your description about sums it up. It’s possible the DVD is a widescreen improvement but I doubt it.

You’re right, all Gun Smoking Western Classics DVDs are bad and fullscreen, I don’t know how they could make their releases any worse.

I only kept their Reason to Live Reason to Die as its the short version with Coburns real voice.

I have the Dutch Esselte CIC Video release, VHS of course. This company was also active in Scandinavia and released it there too, with the same artwork. The opening titles are widescreen, but after this the picture switches to fullscreen. Picture quality is quite alright though, as far as I remember.

I wouldn’t expect much from that Australian dvd. I believe they released some more spaghettis, fullscreen. Just another dubious cheapo DVD distributor. This is a good film and needs a nice DVD release.

Here’s the VHS artwork:

There may still be hope in that regard. The other VHS releases I had from this company have mostly now had better DVD releases. Albeit by other companies. For example they also put out the Trinities and My Name is Nobody. But also A Gunfight (Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash) which is just getting a DVD release here in the UK. The fact that The Deserter has a couple of Hollywood ‘Names’ means it always has a chance of a DVD release. Even if not a Koch media quality one.

Great cast, yes. Or as the VHS sleeve states (translation from Dutch): “John Huston and Slim Pickens - Then you need nothing more for a good western, except horses!” Haha.

I think they’re a bootleg company, their My Name is Nobody and Trinity DVDs are a disgrace… as is The Deserter, worst dvd company i’ve come across.

I don’t doubt it. Or maybe a ‘public domain’ operator in the Mill Creek mould. I had their VHS releases of Trinity and Nobody but back then we had much lower expectations of picture quality. I’ve happily upgraded both since then.

Me too, they were the first two SWs i’d seen after Leones (along with Captain Apache), I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh.

No, bugger it. Be as harsh as you like. Any company still releasing DVDs in fullscreen deserves all they get.

I have the Australian dvd which is fullscreen and probably sourced from VHS. Picked it up cheap from E Bay a couple of years back.

Yes, can confirm that. Found the Danish ex-rental in the local video store some months ago. Danish title for this one is Den Blodige Brigade aka The Bloody Brigade.

There is a Swedish Deserter Esselte VHS too.

Well, maybe a widescreen version will pop up at some point.

thanks for the VHS cover scan BL. Will work nicely for a custom cover

And Lucky Chucky as the explosive chaplain Saint Dynamite (SD !)

I had my eye on the Australian DVD. Thank you for saving me $24.97.

the australia dvd have poor picture and looks like takes from a old VHS
also has no widescreen…! :o
still worth to buy it becuse it’s the only version available for this movie

I wish we could get a decent widescreen release of The Deserter already…I mean really >:(

I’m starting to wonder if there’s even a good negative left of this film to make a clean DVD copy from.