Deserter dvd

Oh I hope there is a decent print somewhere…I mean there has to be right??? :o

I sure hope so, cuz I LOVE this movie! But considering how politically incorrect it is, I certainly don’t think MGM would have any interest in digging it back up. We can only hope that some specialty label like Wild East gets their mits on it.

Lets hope together Berger! Let’s Hope! Such a great film, would love to see it get put out by Wild East. I mean it has John Huston in it and everything.

It has also a lot of flaws and worst of all a weak ending.

IDK, I enjoyed it and I just couldn’t help thinking really this is the best way to watch this film…out of the 44 mill creek pack :-\

Not bothered to watch this one yet, due to the lack of a nice widescreen version.

Probably better off…besides the fullscreen being a drawback the pq it terrible in this mill creek set.

Even my VHS tape looks better than the Mill Creek version.

became very rare film like the taste of death