Death Walks in Laredo / Tre pistole contro Cesare (Enzo Peri, 1967)

I have no idea. But it was this item :

quite expensive for a bootleg dvd-r :wink:

Yes, he offered also, by message within Ebay system, to sell it with around 10-11 USD lower costs due to a lower/eliminated fee (outside the Ebay system I presume).

There is another (or the same?) seller of this from USA (or at least in USD), probably bootleg.
Here it says English audio, and I wonder if the one I ordered maybe do have that also " Italian film w/ English subtitles".

If the first ordered is with only Italian audio, and the second is of good quality with English audio I will in the end have paid quite a sum for this film…
I am still lucky to have begun collectiong when “official” DVD/Bluray is rather common for most SW.

I have to admit that this bootleg site called cultaction actually has some nice coverart for their dvds.

I don’t know if they actually look that good on the real dvd case but I just want to buy their covers for cheap price :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the film themselves… they’re just movies from cinemageddon converted to dvd-r basically.

And all of these bootleg and plain rip-offs are probably derived from the official release that does exist, namely the dvd from Wild Coyote, so if you want to get your karma balanced you of course purchase that one also :slight_smile:

Hmm, this Spaghetti web site links to a Amazon ad

I do not understand why my googling the other day and special search on Ebay and Amazon didn’t catch this item which states English audio and subtitles.
However it also states run time of only 75 minutes as opposed to 84 minutes on the one I ordered (or is it a conversion issue ?) so I will not restart the spending machine yet :slight_smile:

No it’s a case of Amazon not being the best place to gather info about a release :slight_smile:

It only contains the German and Italian dubs and contains two cuts the one being a 82 minute something one. Not English friendly at all but all the other ‘releases’ seem to owe this one some money hence the Karma remark :slight_smile:

The German DVD contains 2 versions, the German theatrical one with only 73 min (in Pal) and the uncut version with 83 min (also in Pal).

But apparently no English audio nor subs. Only German and Italian for both versions.

Aha, thank you @AvatarDK and @stanton for the information.

I will cautiously wait for my “HongKong made” copy/bootleg/DVD which should arrive in 1-2 weeks.

I don’t get why a site like cultaction doesn’t get shut down for copyrights and illegality.

also $12.99 + taxes & shipping for a verbatim dvd-r is too much.

At that price, if you have a smart tv, you can watch it for free via YouTube :wink:

I have a DVD+R of the fan project. I’ll send it to anybody in exchange for another spaghetti I don’t have.

Today arrived my DVD “Three Gunmen Against Cesare”. It states “STORM DVD” and “NTSC ENGLISH”
So that could mean, I guess, that it might be copied from TV (or VHS ?) since NTSC means “National Television System Committee” which “is the analog television system in North America, South America, Burma, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and some Pacific island nations and territories.” according to Wikipedia.

The best with this DVD is that the very fine music can be heard without to much distortion, but the English dub was of a very low sound quality and I couldn’t hear everything they said.
The movie appeared a bit better on Youtube because the sound was better there.

The image quality was also not so good in the DVD.

Maybe these technical items affect my appreciation, but this SW can hardly be considered as more than 6 out of 10 anyhow IMO due to its rather cheap impression in story and mixed acting even it has the very good music and some original ideas although the original Caesar appeared some milleniums ago.

I will hearafter try to stop or avoid buying these unofficial/unauthorized DVDs since the quality usually is too low.
And maybe there are not so many 7 or higher ranked SW (as I rank them) left to get (I have know 21 such SW and 16 lesser ranked) ?

The DVD also contained some other trailers of which one a 1972 film with Matt Damon The Great Chihuahua Treasure Hunt which had a special very good music theme that I wonder where I have heard it elsewhere???

So IMDb states the music is by Luis Bacalov. He has been sampled many timesíquez-Bacalov/ but no item found there about this actual film.

It’s all about taste though, isn’t it? Everybody has different opinions. I think films like El Puro, 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre and Death Sentence are better than some that are in the official top 20.

Yes you are probably right ! Taste is a crucial subjective factor at least.

And that leads to a great “problem” in finding the gems in the haystack of spaghettti-westerns that in my case I would like enough.

I have seen some more on Youtube, except for the 35 SW I already own now on good DVD/Bluray copies (2 of bad quality - this one and God’s Gun).

10,000 Dollars For A Massacre is one of them watched by me on Youtube and it was rather interesting, but I felt then it was probably another 6 out of 10 for me.
But e g the villain character could inspire me to give it another try.

I wasn’t too impressed the first time I watched it but it gets better every time. Now it’s one of my favourite spaghettis. I also recommend you check out Vengeance with Richard Harrison.

I have also seen Vengeance once on Youtube and felt it was a probable 6 or possible 7. I have to watch it another time…

7/10 is for me a very good spagh, less than 40 out of more than 200 watched (leaving out some films not recognized by everybody here as spaghs).

Yes for me too, 7 indicates a SW I can watch several times, in fact I have seen most of my new 7 or above rated SW already some 3-5 times each since I bought them during the last 12 months.

I doubt though that I as easy can collect another 19 to my current 21 7-10/10 SW.
But since I have watched only around 45 SW and of them got 21 very good or better I should be very pleased with the outcome so far, mainly thanks to this spaghetti-western forum and a lot of (also other) reviews.

Similar for me.

A 7/10 is a good rating, a pretty entertaining film, and out of over 300 only about 40 got a 7 (or better).