Death Walks in Laredo / Tre pistole contro Cesare (Enzo Peri, 1967)

I have this one on VHS but haven’t watched it in some time. I’ll take another look at it soon and report back with my thoughts…

i really want to see this movie i live in the u.s. and seems to have it for sale but when ever i email the guy at never emails me back!
what i want to know is has anyone on this forum bought this movie from different sites here n the u.s. and if so which company did they buy it from and which do you website/company do you recomend me getting it from. has it for $10.00
u can pm if you like also

I wouldn’t buy any stuff which has not appeared on an official DVD. Everything which is only out copied from former VHS tapes or TV showings you can trade here with other members.

In the beginning I was glad that I could buy stuff for 2 € for a DVD-R. That was ok for me for the work of burning and shipping them. When I had a few I began to trade them with other fans. It’s no problem to get everything which is circling around amongst us fans.

No need to pay 10 dollars for a shitty VHS copy in bad colors.

any body here willing to sell one to me, i say sell cause i got a small collection and even if i can trade i have no way of copying them. so sell me one if anyone can pm me if any body is willing to sell

Rev once sent me 8 films without me sending anything so I think someone could send you one anyway ;).

like i said i will pay do not need any more problems

Well a Spaghetti photo book is quite valuable :). No need to pay for a DVDr.

looks like i will have to, no problem though :slight_smile:

thought about it silence i have some dvdrs and old vhs rips i can trade with that!
also have other stuff i can trade with. or i rather pay my hard earned cash to someone on the database than a stranger running a website that sells burned dvds. if any one has a copy of this film with a color cover please pm me i am sure we can work some :)thing out!

Does someone have a good quality version in original aspect ratio (2,35:1) and uncut available for trade?
If so please pm me.
Grazie mille.

Sorry for asking again:
I am searching for a copy of the scope version that was shown on french TV 2-3 years ago.
In western maniac forum the version is described with screenshots in this thread (posts of User “Sitting Bull”):
I really would appreciate your help. I have good stuff for to trade in return :wink:
Thank you

Re watched this wacky spaghetti via a recent upgrade. One of the weirdest spaghetti westerns that i have seen so far, but it’s an entertaining one nevertheless. Enrico Maria Salerno is great in this who fancies himself as Julius Caesar.

Watched it for the first time. Quite a piece of spaghetti western extravaganza, almost on a par with Se sei vivo, spara/Django Kill.

Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s pretty lively, there are lots of beautiful women and the gadgets are nice, so I found the whole thing quite enjoyable

A very enjoyable spaghetti western. It’s a such a shame the German DVD had no English audio. I have the Greek VHS but I’d love to have a widescreen copy.

Just watched it. Very enjoyable, as well as your review of it. Plus, Marcello Giombini’s score is absolutely sensational.

I’d give the film a 7-out-of-10 because the ending was rushed and uneven.

some nice music in this one

Since it is referred here to one of my favorites Django Kill (8 of 10) it would be nice to get a decent DVD or Bluray of this SW which sounds like a possible 7 of 10 for me.

I ordered an Italian speaking (?), English subtitles “new” DVD produced in Hongkong from an Ebay seller (maybe an unauthorized copy) , just before I remembered to look for a video on YouTube, and sure there was a watchable copy with English language.

The music is clearly Morricone inspired and really good (only after one listening). Some whistling etc for example like in the Clint Eastwood Leone SW, and a special short good theme very close to a Morricone theme from Death Rides A Horse (when Lee Van Cleef has reached the Mexican little village).

Maybe it looks a bit cheap but hopefully with a better image quality in my ordered DVD the total impression might be better.
I wouldn’t compare it too much with Django Kill (8 of 10) which feels more serious in total performance with its consistent mood and maybe weird slightly surrealistic style.

Death Walks In Laredo is some moments a bit lighthearted. I would say the mood or mix serious-comic reminds of the Gemma-SW Long Days Of Vengeance, that is partly serious but also a little bit comical even if the actors in the former SW don’t seem so natural funny as Gemma seems to be to me.

Otherwise the odd bad guy and his employees are a fine idea of creation even if the corresponding black muchachos in Django Kill are better profiled, but the “roman” girls here are a+. The short outside view of the Ceasar palace from below might have been used more.

Interestingly the outdoor scenes were shot in Algeria, but som greener scenery looked a bit Spanish but maybe the vegetation is partly similar.

I rank Long Days Of Vengeance only as a 6 of 10, in spite of the very very good music and rather nice feeling overall, and I am not sure now if Death Walks In Laredo should significantly beat that to reach as high as 7 of 10. Maybe, maybe not.

well someone uploaded my fandub on YouTube… enjoy then… it’s not like I own the rights to this film anyway :wink:

Is it a pressed disc?