Death Rides a Horse in High Definition

This month you can see Death Rides a Horse in HD on MGM HD; usually uncut, and usually correct aspect ratio. I have recorded it, but alas I have not watched it yet. Here is a link to the schedule

VERY cool and important, thanks for this info!!

I got around to watching it last night. While I don’t remember what previous versions looked like, this looked exceptional. Detail was sharp (the stitching on Ryan’s-Lee Van Cleef’s) saddle at the prison release scene was incredible. Color purity was very good, and no dirt or drop outs on the print. Black levels were good as well. Dubbing was on par. Since this is owned by MGM, and MGM HD showed it, I would imagine it was an uncut print. Anyone confirm? It was at 2:14. By the way, MGM HD is available in the U.S. on both Direct TV and Dish Network.

can u check the tv listings and update our tv ticker with that info? that would be great

So l looked all over for the TV Ticker; all I found was in German. Hey, I’m still struggling with subtitles! Seriously, where on the site is it? Or is it only in Duetch?

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it’ll do if you update the ‘tv listings’ section (used to be called tv ticker) of the database ! Forumwise there’s only our German TV Ticker (as far as I know), so only in Deutsch !

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:6, topic:1102”]Hi Chazz,

it’ll do if you update the ‘tv listings’ section (used to be called tv ticker) of the database ! Forumwise there’s only our German TV Ticker (as far as I know), so only in Deutsch ![/quote]
So why don’t we create non-german ‘tv ticker’ forum topic? :wink:

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Hey Seb!

Do u know if the MGM Region 2 “DEATH RIDES A HORSE” is cut or uncut? I’m thinking of picking up that one too.


it’s uncut. I have the UK disc… decent, the quality isn’t amazing, but it’s ok. great movie. must see

The quality is actually pretty good as far as SW prints go. I don’t know if a better version is available. Wouldn’t hurt to include some special features on that disc though.

the audio is pretty lame though… it’s a standard MGM bare bones release, no effort put into it… .this isn’t the leones…

I think the video is lacking on the release… its definitely far superior to all other available versions, but still looks faded and could use a real restoration

correct, especially the audio is typical MGM and is disappointing. same with the Sabatas etc

Well after watching my share of Fullscreen VHS rip SW’s, the MGM discs aren’t half bad LOL.

Hopefully Mgm with give this the Blu Ray treatment.

I recently received Death Rides A Horse (region 2) from Amazon in the UK. It’s definitely worthwhile! I have suffered through far too many cheap copies of this movie with all but unwatchable pictures, probably because it is in the public domain (expired copyright).
The sound is fair, but seeing the movie in widescreen with a clear picture was a treat. No, it’s not perfect, but is the best version I have seen, by far. Also, for those of us in the U.S., the service by Amazon was incredibly quick (as quick as if I had purchased it in the U.S.).

Amazon are quite strict, when you sell something you have to post it within two days.

I just found out that I have MGMHD but dont see DRAH on in the near future.Did anyone acquire it from the station?


Yes, Amazon, is great. What you are referring to is purchasing through a private seller. However, this was an item Amazon stocked. And it arrived from the U.K. (to the U.S.) in the same time an item stocked by Amazon in the U.S. took to reach me. Viva!