Death Rides a Horse in High Definition

(Chris_Casey) #21

Yes, I have had very good experiences with Amazon UK–and, as well! The stuff I have ordered from Amazon UK always gets here in about the same amount of time as stuff I get from Amazon in the USA. Things I ordered from actually only take 1 day longer–and that is still pretty amazing in my book.

(Sebastian) #22

Something seems to be off about the MGM transfer (which is the one Explosive Media received for their BluRay for example)

(Stanton) #23

Never seen something like that before. Strange

Reminds me of the good ole full frame times.

(Søren) #24

Well, glad the release went OOP before I was in the market to buy it then :smile:

The question is if subsequent HD-releases won’t have the same issue.

(Novecento) #25

So was it MGM’s fault or Explosive’s fault?

(Sebastian) #26

Explosive Media does not themselves master material, they publish what they get, so it was MGM’s fault. I inquired with Uli whether he can get a statement from them as to why this reframing was made. As the article points out, it’s not uncommon that companies reframe around film damage for example… but still odd

(Stanton) #27

Yes, they sometimes do, but not to such a degree. Sometimes the image is slightly zoomed in, is maybe 2,3:1 or even 2,2:1 instead of 2,35:1, but then the picture composition is still obtained. Only comparatively unimportant parts of the image have gone.

But this example here is extreme. And it looks terrible. And the picture quality must be suffering, when a small part is blown up that much, but apparently it did not, as nobody has complaint about an obvious loss of sharpness in the last reel.

(Sebastian) #28

I think so too. I am hoping we’ll hear from MGM how this happened.

(Sebastian) #29

Coming to BluRay in the USA November 7


Do we know if the HD master was fixed for this?

(Sebastian) #31

I think I read some comment on FB that they did. But I cant remember the link