Death Rides a Horse / Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni, 1967)

(chameleon) #281

A blu-ray version would be nice though!

(Stanton) #282

Explosive Media will release one in Germany. I’m sure it will have English audio

I won’t buy it.

(Richard--W) #283

I changed my mind.

I’ve always liked DEATH RIDES A HORSE, but now I like it more than I used to when I voted on it.

I want to change my vote.

I want to vote one star higher up.

How do I do that?

(Bill san Antonio) #284

You can’t unless the topic starter changes the options of the poll. Sonofsven was last active 6 years ago though. Maybe admins can do it?

(Phil H) #285

Maybe Seb can.
I know I sure as hell can’t.

(Stanton) #286

Seb’s the only one who can.

(sartana1968) #287

i voted the movie years ago 5 stars, now i want to give it 4 and maybe 3

(Richard--W) #288

Who’s the foreman around here?

(Bill san Antonio) #289
Who's the foreman around here?

(River Bandit) #290

Thought this one was top notch, with the only thing keeping it from a “5” rating is John Phillip Law. The opening scenes where his father is killed and his mom and sister raped and murdered was not easy to watch (particularly knowing that home invasions like that actually happen) and the scene after Ryan rescues Bill where the little boy is sitting under the wagon, in shock and near tears, as his home burns was heartbreaking. The running gunfight in the dust storm was taut and made it believable that two men could take out so many armed bad guys. The final scene where Ryan shows Bill that he didn’t load his pistol and was willing to die rather than kill his young friend was great.

Despite not being the best actor in the world, Law does a decent job - he’s just over shadowed by several really good performers, particularly Lee Van Cleef who really owns this movie. Van Cleef’s Ryan is calculating, cunning, deadly but shows a level of humanity that a lot of characters in SWs don’t show - there’s more to him than simple greed or vengeance.

Part of me hopes that some of the men from the village got away at the end - I thought their failure to keep the bad guys from over running the village again made for an interesting contrast with ending of The Magnificent Seven.

(Reza) #291

I saw this on Blu ray yesterday

was a nice movie also better than day of anger.

(autephex) #292

Much better

(Marvin W. Bronson) #293

I concur.

DAY OF ANGER is good in its own right, but it’s certainly no DEATH RIDES A HORSE.

(Phil H) #294

Been a very long time since I saw this last and wasn’t sure if it would stack up to my memories of it. In fact, it exceeded them. I’d forgotten how solid a film this is. And a perfect example, if one were needed, as to the power of a great music score. Still very much a Top 20 Spag for me.

(Reverend Danite) #295

Now I’m not sure whether it’s your mind that’s going or mine, and I know a few or more beers were involved, but didn’t we watch this on the big screen less than a year ago at the Luton Spaghetti Cinema weekend. I could have sworn it was you that held my hand in the stormy-scary bits… ;D

(Phil H) #296

Not guilty your honour. I slipped out to the bar during this one.

(Reverend Danite) #297

Fuck! I must’ve been holding Yod’s hand then. :wink:

(ENNIOO) #298

How shocking :wink: .

(SNW500) #299

I gave it 4 stars. My first impression of DRAH was…“why the Hell hadn’t I heard of this awesome film until now??” Everyone around the globe knows the Leone Trilogy, but fewer have heard of or seen DRAH. I think that the grainy film quality and the distorted soundtrack have held this film back a bit…as far as appealing to a wider audience. I’d easily include it in my top 5 SW’s though.

(Ryback) #300

Great film. One of the my favorite spaghetti westerns. ;D