Death at Owell Rock / La morte non conta i dollari (Riccardo Freda, 1967)

This one surely leans more towards the american side being less violent and cynic than expected. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also a bad film, the direction is quite good and the strong plot promises one really surprising twist in the end. My favorite scene is with the stage coach and the disguised bandits in the beginning of the film which is absolutely brilliant, i love the score, the camera work, everything in this scene is truly fantastic. I suppose this is a quite uncommon title, the version i saw was italian dubbed with greek subtitles while i don’t have a clue if there is also an english dubbed one in circulation. A recommended view for those who have seen the basics and are also fans of Mark Damon. 7,5-8/10

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Database page: Morte non conta i dollari, La - The Spaghetti Western Database

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I have a fullscreen VHS rip which has english audio.

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but for a long time a big fan of this site!
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this is really a nice film, nothing special, but there’s an ok interesting story, a really good score, good camerawork, a good showdown and a wonderful Marc Damon.

I have two different vhs ripp with english audio; widescreen and fullscreen. I can’t remember, if there was any sub; but I think so. the quality is so lala … but ok.
both versions are different, so both are cut.

if anybody in germany (or europe) is interesed in the fullscreen version, I would give it somone (of course free, I really don’t need two).

OK film with Mark Damon as a more lighthearted SW hero in the mould of A Pistol for Ringo.

I have the fullscreen version with probably 4 min missing.

I have the swedish VHS of this one, it´s called Gräv först, dö sen (“Dig first, die later”). I have yet to watch it, but the spaghettis on the label it´s on usually are in English & letterbox.
By the way, said label must have made some sort of a mix-up with the titles as there´s also a tape called Owell dödsklippan (very similar to “Death at Owell rock”) but on it is actually Bury Them Deep!

In the next week, i get a English WS Version with Swedish or Danish UT’s of the Film, but I know anything about the Picture quality. Can anybody say me about the version, or are there Screenshost avaiable ? Thanks
At time, I have “only” a Fullscreen version from a UK VHS I think, and the quality is…Average
Is the Widescreen Version better ?
The Film itself is very good, with a nice score and a good Mark Damon.
Too bad he was not after the movie released in Germany on VHS or DVD. :frowning:

My WS-Version.
Not good, not bad. A normal VHS quality

First thing that strikes me in this one is how nosey and sneaky the town folk are. Damon is on cheeky mode most of the time, especially the first section of the film. Forgot the twists in the story so that was a surprise. Time went fast in this not bad ride.[font=times new roman][/font]

I have DVD Rip Italian Audio With Greek subs

Looks Good, but Italian Audio :-\ Not for me.

I’ve always wanted to see this one, it’s on my want list to get, i’m just curious about it since i liked Mark Damon in the two JOHNNY Spags. Is there a widescreen fandubbed copy to be had? That would be great if someone could help me out.

A few screenshots in the correct AR

It looks really good, would love to know where to get it from!

The screens are taken from an Italian TV recording, just for a change I missed the first minutes once again… ::slight_smile:

I’ve seen this one thanks to the Western Unchained Collection from Koch media. In which it was released as ‘Der Tod zählt keine Dollar’.

Unfortunatly the producers wanted this to be a less violent film and it shows. The story has a unexpeted twist but lacks some suspension overall. Perhaps some fist fights to many and to little shooting. Luckily Mark Damon plays a entertaining enough character.

I had seen this before but didn’t remember anything about it. No wonder since the film is quite forgettable. Boring plot with too little action. I don’t really like Damon with his big smile and the rest of the cast isn’t that impressive. Ok film to spend hour and a half but I can’t really recommend it unless you’re a fan on Damon.

At least Koch’s dvd looks good.

My rating: 2/5

Finally managed to view this one in Dvd quality which was nice. Like the story and Damon is on full cheeky mode most of the time. But its still an average Spaghetti for me.

Just watched this one in Widescreen and English. As others have said, Damon in full on smiley cheeky mode but I don’t mind that and overall found the film entertaining enough. Wasn’t sure early on when the fist fight in the general store started; glue and feathers and all. Thought we were heading into early comedy western territory but it got more serious as it went along and improved for me as a result. Not sure why the Italians thought these kind of scenes were a good idea. Anyway, on the whole enjoyable with lots of familiar faces to keep me happy enough without really achieving much of any note.

Hadn’t watched this movie before, but the things said by others on this page gave me the idea that I would like it.


I revisited this one this morning. It didn’t leave me too excited after the first viewing so I thought I’d give it another try and it sure did improve on me.

For being entirely shot in Italy the locations are surprisingly nice, the western town doesn’t look too cheap at all and the interiors and costumes are all quite stylish which is a huge plus for me. The story leans a lot towards thriller and even giallo sometimes, and it’s certainly more about the plot than the action here. Overall I think it stands out as an original little SW with some interesting details to it, for example - Damon is chewing tobacco instead of smoking, and instead of the extremely overdone card game gambling there is a scene where Mark Damon hustle some guys in pool, pulling off fancy bank shots way before Tom Cruise in Colour of Money. I think Mark Damon handles the character based on GG’s Ringo very good, he’s certainly more of a Ringo than a Django or anything else. A solid 7/10 from me!