Dead Men Ride / Anda muchacho, spara! (Aldo Florio, 1971)

(Bluntwolf) #41

Just watched the excellent Koch release. The movie is certainly among the '70’s best SWs. Nice cast, good score, lots of violence and even some nudity. SW fan what do you want more…

(Dillinger) #42

Is the Koch release longer than the German TV version (Tele5), that was shown last year?

(Bluntwolf) #43

I don’t know about the tv-version but the DVD is around 5min. longer than my Mike Hunter VHS…

(Stanton) #44

Yeah, it’s longer.
Tele 5 showed the 98 min German version, this is a 103 min version, same as the Jap. DVD.

Here Bruckner’s runtime is again wrong, as he gives the Italian version with only 96 min.

(Dillinger) #45

Sounds nice. The TV version was OK, but is was apparent, that it lacked a couple of scenes.

I think I’ll go shopping…

(Dorado) #46

I watched this one today and found it to be average.
IMO the quality of this film is very uneven therfore I can not give it more than 5/10.

(Paco Roman) #47

Cannot agree more.

I enjoyed that one very much. A very stylish SW but not an easy one. The Story is simple but with all the flashbacks and off screen scenes not easy to follow. So you have to keep attention to the story and their twists. Interestingly the western town (e.g. the white saloon) are looking much cleaner as usual. The Music is well paced and so are the Action Scenes. There are certain similiarties between Fistful of Dollars and Anda muchacho, Spara!. Jose Calvo’s role is equal to his role as Silvanito in Fistful. :slight_smile:

(Dillinger) #48

As well as Testi’s dress up…

(Paco Roman) #49

At the final YES. :slight_smile:

(Reverend Danite) #50

On rereading this thread I thought this film worth the revisit. After bemoaning the fact that I’m running out of SWs to watch from fresh, I stuck this on and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even more so than before maybe. I don’t care - in fact I’m thrilled by its ‘derivitness’. Have to agree with Brother Paco about Jose Calvo and his role. Great film - just the job tonight!!

(LankyFellow) #51

The interview with Aldo Florio is very interesting,too.
Especially when he talk about his co operation with Sergio Leone.
The movie - great work from Koch as usual

(Sebastian) #52

woah just watched this one (koch disc), and i was blown away. the story is a bit confusing and the first half is sorta boring, but the film then gets so dramatic and emotional i had my nose glued to the screen. great music!

(Bill san Antonio) #53

[quote=“LankyFellow, post:51, topic:774”]The interview with Aldo Florio is very interesting,too.
Especially when he talk about his co operation with Sergio Leone.[/quote]I guess there’s no english subtitles for the extras?

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(LankyFellow) #55

Worse luck !

(Sebastian) #56

still listening to the soundtrack almost every day. what a surprise hit this movie is

(Dillinger) #57

Haven’t you seen it before the KOCH release?

(ENNIOO) #58

Not got round to viewing this one myself yet.

(Dillinger) #59

The new release or the movie itself?

(ENNIOO) #60

The movie.