Dead Men Ride / Anda muchacho, spara! (Aldo Florio, 1971)

(ENNIOO) #21

Nice site !

(Phil H) #22

Nice site indeed Angel Face. And welcome to the forum.

(Dillinger) #23

Yes, same for me, nice site.

(scherpschutter) #24

Great site, going to spend some time over there

And interesting reviews, if I may say so

(Angel Face) #25

Thanks for all the kind comments everybody. The write ups here are very well done and the people here are incredibly respectful as opposed to other boards I’ve seen. ;D

(korano) #26

Cool ass site! :slight_smile:

(Angel Face) #27

haha, thanks, korano. I was shown this site over a year ago, but didn’t really pay attention to it until a month ago as I used the review section to cross reference some names. After finally signing up and perusing the forum, it’s without doubt the premier (and best) site for European sagebrush sagas. ;D

(Phil H) #28

Watched this one today in the fan dub version mentioned above.
Excellent work whoever did it. Really allows the film’s quality to shine through. And I do like this one. As others have mentioned it is one of the best from the seventies despite its Leone borrowings. I think Testi actually carries off his part well and I didn’t see too much Eastwood impersonating at all.

(chuck connors brother) #29

Yeah loved this more after seeing it a second time. The score is amazing, I can’t get over how good the music is… they re-used it really well at the end of SCALPS also.

(Stanton) #30

Has anybody here meanwhile got hold of an english audio version in (whatever quality) of this little gem?

(p.pereira) #31

I watched an italian audio version this weekend. Nice flick. The scene in the “barbearia” it’s excelent!
Emilianoooo!!!.. Bang!!!

(Dillinger) #32

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming release. I only have a poor TV copy… :’(

(Rififii) #33

Great film. In some ways corrects the wrongs of Fistful of Dollars…

(Dillinger) #34

Such as?

(Rififii) #35

Fistful has a sluggish structure, while here we have a well pace story layered with suspense.

Also, I think it outdid the final duel of Fistful in some aspects.

Still Fistful is the better film on the whole…

(Dillinger) #36

I think it’s only a very thin layer of suspense… I mean, there are some kinds of mysteries, but they’re quite predictable.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the final, but the afore mentioned release end of the month might change that.

(Stanton) #37

The final duel in Anda is well staged, but no match for AFoD.

(Rififii) #38

Well I think directing wise FoD easily overpowers, but I think Anda has great creativity…
Overall FoD is still the better but Anda is quite memorable…

(korano) #39

I like this one because it’s just pure Spaghetti Western. It’s stylish, dramatic, violent, sexy, and action packed. My kinda film.

(Stanton) #40

Can’t say it better …