Dead for a Dollar / T’ammazzo! … Raccomandati a Dio (Osvaldo Civirani, 1968)

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SWDB Info page:!_-_Raccomandati_a_Dio

SWDB Synopsis:

A false priest named Glenn, pretending to celebrate a funeral, is actually burying a great sum of money, but when his accomplices flee with the booty, a desperate search begins! The intervention of the bandit’s lover complicates the intrigued plot with tricks, lies and betrayals.

Didn’t find topic for this one. I put it in my watching list due to the info of our database, which mention one character called “The Portuguese”. The movie is quite entertaining.

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Shit Gordon Mitchell plays the Portuguese, Hell Antony Quinn was more likely, I know we are big and ugly ;D ;D but this is too much ;D

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Nope companheiro. Piero Vida plays the Portuguese. He’s fat, hungry, drunk, funny and always into the fight. That kind of blend into.

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The IMDB does not got the correct information do, if you can’t trust those guys.

In any case we never look good in the picture ;D always the fat ugly drunk bastards ;D I wonder ;D

Where did you find this wonder ?

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[quote=“El Topo, post:4, topic:2388”]The IMDB does not got the correct information do, if you can’t trust those guys.

In any case we never look good in the picture ;D always the fat ugly drunk bastards ;D I wonder ;D

Where did you find this wonder ?[/quote]

A low quality torrent. Some kind of VHS transfer.
There’s a DVD that features it, but I just don’t know if the image is any better than what I got.


Yes the dvd is just a vhs transfer aswell.

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Thanks. I kind of expect that.

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Wrote a review about this one. Here:

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Topo you should check out The Implacable Three (Tres Hombres Buenos).
Paul Piaget plays a Portuguese called Silveira. Tall, slim and dapper. And one of the heroes no less. A much better self image for your countrymen!
The fat ugly drunk is covered by Fernando Sancho of course.

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Thank’s for the info Phil I will surely take a look.
Silveira was the name from one of my drill instructors, in this case being a ugly drunken bastard wasn’t a wrong image that’s for sure ;D

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I like Hilton and Gordon Mitchell so I gave this one a try. The DVD I saw is an ugly, full-frame transfer, probably from VHS. English dub. It’s a “funny” story of a man (Hilton) that runs afoul of a gang of three bank robbers (Mitchell, John Ireland, Piero Vida). The robbers are busy trying to double-cross one another and Hilton joins the party. A pretty blond (Sandra Milo) takes her turn at tricking each of the men also. The story is very reminiscent of double-cross pics like ONE DOLLAR TOO MANY or ANY GUN CAN PLAY. However, this film is a little tedious, a little boring. Some of the comic scenes are pretty well-done but the action sequences are slow-moving, boring, very poorly staged. Generally the pacing of the film is too slow, too boring, everything takes too long to happen. Music is an annoying carnival-style motif which is supposed to sound whimsical but features too much acid rock-style organ and guitar. Mitchell’s part FWIW is basically a cameo, he is dead after 15min of the film. Hilton is charming but can’t save the film on his own. As of this writing the full film is available on YouTube. 5/10 stars.

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I just watched it on youtube and found it dull and boring. Hilton’s worst film IMO.


(Mickey13) #13’ll_Kill_You,_and_Recommend_You_to_God_Review

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Watched a part of it on You Tube this afternoon. Not really one of the great Italian westerns, no.

The review outdoes the movie by far

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The review outdoes the movie by far

I concur.

I attempted to watch some it on youtube, but quickly became bored. Just not for me.

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The movie’s main problem isn’t that it is that terrible. The film is just fucking boring.

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It’s a good Who Has The Money? film, with enough gunplay to keep it edgy. And Piero Vida as The Portuguese could fit right into a current-day acting role. The chemistry of Ireland and Hilton was exactly what I thought it would be… beer vs. wine. I’ll give the film a 6-out-of-10 because Tito Carpi appears to’ve had a sequel in mind. All three lead-characters getting the money and Sandra Milo at the end.


I would watch that based on the title alone. :+1: