Dead for a Dollar / T’ammazzo! … Raccomandati a Dio (Osvaldo Civirani, 1968)

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A false priest named Glenn, pretending to celebrate a funeral, is actually burying a great sum of money, but when his accomplices flee with the booty, a desperate search begins! The intervention of the bandit’s lover complicates the intrigued plot with tricks, lies and betrayals.

Didn’t find topic for this one. I put it in my watching list due to the info of our database, which mention one character called “The Portuguese”. The movie is quite entertaining.

Shit Gordon Mitchell plays the Portuguese, Hell Antony Quinn was more likely, I know we are big and ugly ;D ;D but this is too much ;D

Nope companheiro. Piero Vida plays the Portuguese. He’s fat, hungry, drunk, funny and always into the fight. That kind of blend into.

The IMDB does not got the correct information do, if you can’t trust those guys.

In any case we never look good in the picture ;D always the fat ugly drunk bastards ;D I wonder ;D

Where did you find this wonder ?

[quote=“El Topo, post:4, topic:2388”]The IMDB does not got the correct information do, if you can’t trust those guys.

In any case we never look good in the picture ;D always the fat ugly drunk bastards ;D I wonder ;D

Where did you find this wonder ?[/quote]

A low quality torrent. Some kind of VHS transfer.
There’s a DVD that features it, but I just don’t know if the image is any better than what I got.

Yes the dvd is just a vhs transfer aswell.

Thanks. I kind of expect that.

Wrote a review about this one. Here:

Topo you should check out The Implacable Three (Tres Hombres Buenos).
Paul Piaget plays a Portuguese called Silveira. Tall, slim and dapper. And one of the heroes no less. A much better self image for your countrymen!
The fat ugly drunk is covered by Fernando Sancho of course.

Thank’s for the info Phil I will surely take a look.
Silveira was the name from one of my drill instructors, in this case being a ugly drunken bastard wasn’t a wrong image that’s for sure ;D

I like Hilton and Gordon Mitchell so I gave this one a try. The DVD I saw is an ugly, full-frame transfer, probably from VHS. English dub. It’s a “funny” story of a man (Hilton) that runs afoul of a gang of three bank robbers (Mitchell, John Ireland, Piero Vida). The robbers are busy trying to double-cross one another and Hilton joins the party. A pretty blond (Sandra Milo) takes her turn at tricking each of the men also. The story is very reminiscent of double-cross pics like ONE DOLLAR TOO MANY or ANY GUN CAN PLAY. However, this film is a little tedious, a little boring. Some of the comic scenes are pretty well-done but the action sequences are slow-moving, boring, very poorly staged. Generally the pacing of the film is too slow, too boring, everything takes too long to happen. Music is an annoying carnival-style motif which is supposed to sound whimsical but features too much acid rock-style organ and guitar. Mitchell’s part FWIW is basically a cameo, he is dead after 15min of the film. Hilton is charming but can’t save the film on his own. As of this writing the full film is available on YouTube. 5/10 stars.

I just watched it on youtube and found it dull and boring. Hilton’s worst film IMO.


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Watched a part of it on You Tube this afternoon. Not really one of the great Italian westerns, no.

The review outdoes the movie by far

The review outdoes the movie by far

I concur.

I attempted to watch some it on youtube, but quickly became bored. Just not for me.

The movie’s main problem isn’t that it is that terrible. The film is just fucking boring.

It’s a good Who Has The Money? film, with enough gunplay to keep it edgy. And Piero Vida as The Portuguese could fit right into a current-day acting role. The chemistry of Ireland and Hilton was exactly what I thought it would be… beer vs. wine. I’ll give the film a 6-out-of-10 because Tito Carpi appears to’ve had a sequel in mind. All three lead-characters getting the money and Sandra Milo at the end.

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I would watch that based on the title alone. :+1:

There’s something about this spagh that keeps me coming back to it and rewatch it. First time I saw it, wasn’t very impressed, but on a second viewing I recognized some of its qualities. Btw, I totally disagree with @Mickey13’s review now. :smiley:

What are those qualities in your opinion? :wink:

I remember it being dull and languid more than anything else.