Dead for a Dollar / T’ammazzo! … Raccomandati a Dio (Osvaldo Civirani, 1968)

(tomas) #21

Interesting cinematography, chemistry between the trio, autumn muddy atmosphere, comedy element, nice soundtrack. I can break it down scene by scene: I particularly like opening scene, then Hilton’s gravedigging with a surprise, big gunfight near the end, epic dining turkey scene, which doesn’t make much sense :smiley:, and also the anticlimactic finale after bankroberry: Hilton catches up with other two, they grab the pistols, but no, no shootout this time, but nice score accompanying it. There are probably more, but I didn’t watch whole movie and skipped through it (I wanted, but after five years or so I decided to revisited it I found only the same low-quality vhs version, so I didnt bother).

(Mickey13) #22



ehm, ehm…

Maybe this is why you liked it so much.:wink:

But at least we seem to agree Squadra volante is a nice poliziotteschi.

(tomas) #23

Still haven’t seen it, maybe tomorrow. Zebraman by miike is on the program and Shadows of Sodoma. :wink:

(Mickey13) #24

Give it a shot defo, a pretty cool film with a killer soundtrack by Cipriani.

ehm, ehm… yikes…