Day of Anger (Wild East) DVD

I am looking for the dvd and i am willing to pay a hefty price for it. Does anyone want to sell it?

I see you have the same problem as I. So… anyone can help us?

You can try ebay or ioffer or something like that. These are pretty rare. I wish wildeast made more of them. Maybe you’ll have to settle for a cloned copy.

Alternatively you could get the R2 Japanese release from or

Only a total of 83 minutes (the original cut English language release) are in English with the rest of the 111 minutes being in Italian with no English subtitles. I haven’t seen the Wild East version but apparently the scenes with poor English audio are the ones left in Italian in the Japanese version.

i found a copy for $40 someone tell me if this seems be the wild east one it is 111 minutes.

I’m not sure but I suspect it might be, or maybe a dvdr.

I found another one that looks like the same thing:

I reckon they are dvd r.

Im going to email them and ask. Hopefully they are not. $40 for a dvd-r is a little high. Don’t you think?

Well yes it is high if it is a dvd r, and wise to email first like you mentioned.

I’ve send those guys an e-mail some time ago and never got an answer

Hate it when they do not reply.

I bought a copy of Wild Easts If You Meet Sartana from MU a while back, so it’s certainly possible that it’s an official WE release, but for $40 i would need to know for sure.

yea if they do not respond, i will call them on the phone.

so they finally emailed me back

Dear Video Enthusiast,

We cannot provide manufacturer information regarding this title. All of our titles are authorized releases by the studios/copyright owners.

Once again, thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to serving you in the future.


Gaetano LeFavi

Internet Customer Service


3015 Darnell Road

Philadelphia, PA 19154


Sounds like bullshit to me. How can you not know the name of the company that releases it?

Exactly, hence the reason i am not buying it.

Wow, sounds like it may not be WE. Why else wouldn’t they say? That’s just odd.

Sounds like professional crap for sure.

Sounds like they could be expensive today.
Phew! Thankfully I bought it just before they went out of print on XPLOITED a few years back.
How much is the going price now?

Jjp, would you be happy with a DVD-R instead?
No need to pay me. Not going to charge you for that.

Send me a PM.

[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:19, topic:1559”]Sounds like they could be expensive today.
Phew! Thankfully I bought it just before they went out of print on XPLOITED a few years back.[/quote]

Me too, I bought it from Xploited and the next week it was gone, it was out of print on the Wild East site for over a year before I did that.