Day of Anger / I giorni dell’ira (Tonino Valerii, 1967)


I’ve also never liked Shoot the Living, Pray For the Dead. :anguished:

I am a despicable human.

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I always found hard to see Gemma as a weak character or a “boy”, he’s too robust and doesn’t really fit the first half of the movie. Too much the hero!

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I can’t decide whether I like this film because it’s so dumb and campy, or whether it’s a genuinely good film. Either way, its a fun one.


Not at all. The world’s better when we all like different things. I love DOA, especially because it’s the only time we see Van Cleef and Gemma together and I think watching Gemma go from a young lad to a great gunslinger is awesome. Valerii’s actually my favourite not named Sergio and I think this is his best film after Price of Power.



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To 99% of sw genre, Day of anger is schoolbook example how to make a proper movie.

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I hope not … :wink:


Very. I’m surprised it’s always been so overlooked even by fans of the genre.

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If you’re talking about “The Price of Power” here, then I agree. His best SW after “My Name is Nobody”.


Nice to know I’m not the only one who likes POP. I genuinely thought for a while that I was.


I am happy with my Wild East disc, but it’s widescreen, and I was wondering if the the 3 disc blu ray was a ful; screen? Id like to see some screenshots/ photos of the blu ray if anyone has them. I also see the blu ray it includes a brand new interview with screenwriter Ernesto Curti, and a previously unreleased 2008 interview with Tonino Valerii.

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You should get the Arrow Blu-ray since it’s the best out there. It’s not fullscreen but I don’t know why you’d find that more desirable when the correct aspect ratio is 2.35:1. You can always get the VHS if you really want a fullscreen copy.

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I think it’s definitely in the A side of the Spaghetti Western genre, if for nothing else the production value alone makes it so. You can tell it had a decent budget. ( that saloon with the guns? Priceless ! )
I believe it’s one of Van Cleefs better westerns, soundtrack is excellent, it’s not quite as good as The Big Gundown or The Grand Duel in my opinion, but the townspeople are so horrendous! All full of treachery!
I am not that big on the ending, in some way it’s a surprise that Gemma can be so cold at the end, in another way it’s predictable. I didn’t think even Murph the sheriff was that great of a person, they all wanted ( Murph included ) Scotty to just be nothing more than the crap cleaning janitor…Talby is really the only one who believed in him.
But yes all in all it’s definitely a grade A Spaghetti Western.


As I figured, The Blu Ray looks pretty good! and if I’m correct, English audio ( not just English subtitles)? Also the Italian version has a little long runtime?

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Why do you want fullscreen? I don’t think that a single Spag was shot for fullscreen.

And a 2,35:1 film, and DoA is one, looks horrible in fullscreen.


Django was shot in 4:3, which I still find quite bizarre.

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a lot of movies are shot open matte for a variety of reasons and then “masked”, which doesnt necessarily say anything about the directors intentions. There was a dark time in history when theaters had screens that were 4:3 :wink:

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If a film is meant to be watched in fullscreen, it’s understandable why someone would want a fullscreen version. I avoided the widescreen Blu-ray of Lonesome Dove for that reason since I hate cropping. When it comes to a film like this though, there’s nothing worse than a pan and scan image. It’s only something you can tolerate when there’s no other options.

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Yes in 1,37:1, but that was not bizarre but normal, and the intended aspect ratio for the theatres was still 1,66:1, and for that format the picture composition was done.

Most of the 1,85:1 films are also shot in 1,37:1.