Day of Anger / I giorni dell’ira (Tonino Valerii, 1967)

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Yes, it’s cropped, but funnily judging by the images I have seen, it looks better in widescreen.


Wild east did a great job, but I think certain scenes would look a bit better had they fill the entire screen. Also, the spaghettis ( and films in general) I’ve bought on blu ray have a more polished, crisp, and genuine look to them.


This seems a little confused … the framed image was designed for CINEMA, not TV, and until 2.35:1 Televisions become available, we all have to be aware of these aspect ratio compromises.
If you’re talking about a VHS Pan Scan Version filling the 4.3 TV frame, as your preference then you should be aware that you miss more than half of the original picture.
I hated pan scan on widescreen film, so much that I wrote to the BBC years ago complaining about the outmoded practice.
Please enjoy the nostalgia value of watching video tapes … but thank god we as film fans no longer have to endure this hideous pan scan policy which for decades was standard practice.


a good example is here. I see more of the image I want to see.


Sorry @UglyOne427 … but your video example has no relevance to 1960s Techniscope - the process most commonly used for SWs.

Here’s an example from the Blu Ray release of the correct aspect ratio and what would be missing if you were watching a VHS Pan Scan version.

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I have an old fullscreen VHS of Day of Anger:


Oh boy … remember how they used to show the back of someone’s head rather than scan to the relevant area !!! LOL :rofl:

I had the old Warner clamshell version of ‘Magnum Force’ on VHS, and it must be one of the laziest scan transfers I’ve ever seen … Typical of that release were you could see maybe 1/5th of someone’s face and the rest of the TV frame was just out of focus or negative space. Incredible!

PS: Thought I’d alter my example for a more VHS look :wink:

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No, you don’t.

Hmm, yes, that’s a very bad example, made by people who have absolutely no knowledge, cause what they show is not possible with 2,35:1 films (like DoA).
There is actually no more picture information above the black bars in DoA.

But fullscreen versions, like in Aldo’s example, are also not the modern alternative, not any more in 16:9 times.
Cause than one would have also black bars, only now on the left and right sides.

If one wants an image of DoA which fills the screen of a 16:9 TV, one can’t remove the black bars, cause, as I already said, there is normally nothing to remove, but one can cut large parts away from the sides. Then you get a 1,78:1 image from a 2,35:1 film which fills the 16:9 screen completely.
And that looks at least much better than an old full screen VHS version. But of course it is still wrong, and e.g. from time to time some people are still cut off at the sides.

But funnily I think that actually does not really happen in DoA.
Vallerii is not very good in using the whole image of his aspect ratio, and I remember that in my old 1,78:1 TV version of DoA it was indeed barely noticeable that it should be projected in 2,35:1 .


OH, this I did not know. Thanks for clarifying! looks like I wont be buying the Blu ray after all.


I recently purchased the Arrow Blu Ray release of Day of Anger (with the reversable Artwork sleeve). I was intrigued because it had three versions of the film:
2X 117min version (Full English audio, and Italian audio with Burnt in English Subs)
1X 86 minute version of the US cut.
I had not seen it before this point. I have watched the 117min Full English Audio version. I am really intrigued about seeing the 86 minute version, to see what was cut out and left in.

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Which BluRay version includes the original end credits?

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The Arrow ends only with ‘FINE’

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Eight showings a day (from 10:00 a.m. to midnight, which means leaving the cinema at two o’clock in the morning) for Day of Anger around Christmas 1967!

Thanks Carlos, I wonder why?

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What a cool ad… Per la prima volta insieme… interesting to see them billed this way.

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I just realised that the running time on the UK VHS is just under an hour. I think it’s roughly about 59 minutes long even though the back says 83 minutes. I wonder what they were thinking?!


I had that tape too … and had no idea what was going on with the story - ‘Return of Ringo’ on UK VHS was also truncated, probably to save on tape ?

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Is that the one with The Angry Gun title? I have that somewhere but don’t remember it being cut. With some of these tapes, there’s multiple versions. I have two releases of Find a Place to Die on the Gold Star label. The large box version contained the full version whereas the small box was cut down to an hour with a sticker stating that it was a “special one hour edition.” I’m still not sure what it was all about.


That’s the one … in a cheap cardboard package with lousy artwork! :roll_eyes: I picked it up at a car boot sale in 91 … at that time I knew the music. but had never seen the full movie … the tape begins with Gemma in Mexican disguise.