Day of Anger / I giorni dell’ira (Tonino Valerii, 1967)

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I really hate the end of this movie, I don’t see Talby as an evil person, I just see Scott as an ungrateful little shit that sees an opportunity to take over and grabs it using false grief as a cover. If that’s not true then I don’t understand the 360 in giving a shit the character makes. Besides that it is up there with Death Rides A Horse, Big Gundown etc, I consider Lee Van Cleef the best out of all the SW stars.

I got a bootleg disc from cultcine, I would like to start downloading movies as I want to see all of the Sartana flicks and not pay for DVD-Rs but all the superior torrents are invite only so I dunno where to get started. I never really downloaded movies before.

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You are probably the only one for that.

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;D ;D ;D
As regards the ending, I’d prefer Cleef killed Gemma, but Talby was an evil son of a bitch. Then it would have been something original, less American. Nah, not an flaw by any means, but still it would be cool.

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Your interpretation of the morals in this film is rather unique.
Scott didn’t want to take over. He made that clear by throwing away his gun afterwards. It wasn’t false grief either. The grief was real, he just needed the death of his mentor to realize what he was headed for if Talby wasn’t stopped.

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now goes down to the toilet 1\5

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Call that ugly son of a bitch Scott Mary to take it away ;D

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Ha, ha indeed…he is fully prepared for the job.

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[quote=“Mickey13, post:183, topic:158”];D ;D ;D
As regards the ending, I’d prefer Cleef killed Gemma, but Talby was an evil son of a bitch. Then it would have been something original, less American. Nah, not an flaw by any means, but still it would be cool.[/quote]

I was also hoping that Gemma would receive more punishment in the end (maybe not necessarily to end up dead). Then the moral of the story would be more in the vein of songs like Don’t take your guns to town or Devil’s right hand, which would be more powerful. Story is actually very good, I like how Talby is a bandit who wants to settle down and legalize his business because he got older, that’s exactly how higher profile criminals function in real life. But they didn’t push it as far as it could go, more bitter ending would function like a strong warning and would leave more lasting impact.

Main tune is the best non-Morricone spaghetti theme I’ve heard so far, I can get it out of my head. Overall well rounded SW, definitely among better ones.

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Everybody wants to see DAY OF ANGER reissued in region 1 / region A. Our friends at Wild East have turned a deaf ear, as they often do, and thus far no other distributor has picked up on the demand for this film. If fans were to start suggesting the title to the other botique distributors I’ll bet a re-release would happen fairly quickly.

I watched a clone of the Wild East DVD last night, for the second time. This is a hardboiled western, free of the burdens of nihilism, self-parody and illiteracy that undermine so many spaghetti westerns. The director, Tonino Valerii, is a true dramatist who crafts a very fine piece of work here.

DAY OF ANGER boasts a well-constructed story with layered characters who actually have an arc. They undergo a personal growth, which is a rare thing in a spaghetti western. The moral dilemmas are lucidly presented. Talby and Scott Mary are not the only characters who are required to make tough choices. The stable keeper is a wise man who keeps the faith; he has one powerful scene in which he explains to young Scott Mary how Talby keeps an advantage over him in these lesson’s he’s been teaching the boy. The progression of the characters holds my interest, and I enjoy watching the gradual escalation of tension between Talby and Scott Mary. The midsection of the film, which is the second act and the longest part of the story, drags a little and sometimes takes too long to make its point. The pace is about average for the period in which this film was made, but I wish it had been quickened up a little during principle photography. It’s not something cutting or editing can fix. The third act, which starts when Talby opens a new saloon, is meant to be unsettling by ushering in many changes, and it’s everything it should be right down to the last shot fired. We think Scott Mary will show mercy for the man who taught him how to stand up for himself, but no, he has become as ruthless as his mentor. Good writing is important to me, and this sophisticated storytelling is a refreshing change from the usual spaghetti westerns.

Gemma makes it clear that Scott Mary never quite grows up, but he’s on his way. Lee Van Cleef’s flinty personality defines Talby, one of his most fully realized characters. He’s superb in the part. My favorite scenes are when he rides up the street of white-washed adobe buildings and enters the saloon to deal with that little problem from the past. That saloon scene is classic. Every western needs at least one classic saloon scene, and there are a few good ones here. Watching Van Cleef in DAY OF ANGER feels true western.

I like DAY OF ANGER so much I want to rate it 4 stars, but two things take me out of the film. First, the mood of the story is at odds with the score. There are some okay guitar interludes, but the main title theme and balance of the score is too jazzy and modern, with blaring trumpets that really annoy me. I don’t like this score. Second the opening title design was in the hip style of the day – what I call cut-rate Andy Warhol – but it’s sloppy and starts the film on the wrong keynote. Again the title sequence is at odds with the mood of the story that follows. I would have preferred a more plaintive score over black or a traditional “period western” opening. Indeed the opening shots look composed for titles to flash over them.

So I give it 3 stars, but it’s on the verge of 4 stars. The film is in my top 10 and I’ll be watching it again soon.

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Day of Anger is, IMHO, outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. One of the best Spags I’ve seen. It’s the first I’ve seen starring the much ballyhooed Giuliano Gemma, and he was excellent. LVC’s performance was right up there with his Colonel Mortimer, too.

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A new gift comes here whether u like it or not : :-*

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selling mine now

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The new Arrow Blu-Ray, released in the US and UK is simply amazing:

Full review with HD screencaps - Day of Anger review

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My copy of the new Arrow Blu-Ray release arrived at the weekend and I must say it is the best I’ve ever seen the film look. Thoroughly enjoyed my re-watching of this film which actually gets better with every viewing for me.

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I watched this film for the first time in about ten years. I first saw it when the Wild East DVD came out and this time I re-watched thanks to the Arrow Blu-Ray which is a vast improvement and looks magnificent.

This is one of the best spaghetti westerns in my view. It has much more drama and a better constructed plot than 99% of these films. Lee Van Cleef gives his best spaghetti performance, he doesn’t allow the twinkle in his eye to carry him as he often does. Here he is consistently mean and sticks to his characterisation.

Giuliano Gemma, I am not so sure about. While he is good in the role, I think he is too handsome, too physical and too much of a star for the part. Right from the first frame he looks more dangerous than any of his opponents. He doesn’t look like a guy who needs a gun at all. Casting the much less physically impressive Lou Castel would have been more fitting, he would have been a character who depended on his gun, who would have been defined by having been given a gun by Talby. At the same time, if Gemma wasn’t cast the budget probably would have been halved and as a result the entire film might have suffered in other ways.

The acting in this unusually character driven film is generally good and survives the dubbing. The art direction and music are also good but the latter seems to suffer from some very abrupt editing.

I think it could have been an even better film, if the townspeople were a little bit less despicable and Talby a little more… and Scott Mary weaker!

All the same, I rate it as one of the best.

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I liked it better on second viewing and even better the third time. Not happy with the beginning though, and not entirely happy with the ending. Alternative top 20 in my book and a four stars’ vote from me.

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I watched this recently via the Arrow BD (which is very fine, apart from some minor but unnecessary edge enhancement), and was very impressed by its clearly Greek-myth inspired plotting; I also admired how it didn’t go easy on Van Cleef, you’re attitude changes towards him over the course of the film, and it’s left to you to decide how much a villain he really is. It’s also a nice touch that he has ambitions, wants to control the town, has that wonderfully gaudy saloon built, he’s not like the Man with No Name, without interest or aspiration. Van Cleef here wants to be a businessman and its this motivation which makes his ruthlessness more organic and less the arbitrary deeds of a conventionally evil figure. Valerii’s direction is perhaps the most classical of the Spaghetti Western genre, which is probably why he isn’t part of the three Sergio pantheon, but it works a treat here.

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Seen this one 3 times now. Im struggling to rank it very highly in my list of favourites. I like the first half and the ending is ok but the middle stretch is kind of dull. The soundtrack is great. The first 2 times I watched this I fell asleep during different points of the film. Ive seen it in both English audio and Italian (didn’t make too much difference to my enjoyment either way but in future I suppose id prefer Van Cleefs real voice). I think it is just too long. Does anybody think the shorter cut is better? Ive not watched that yet. Im going to rate this 3.5 stars for the time being but maybe eventually something will click who knows.


Well, I’ve tried…

Watched both cuts at least twice, but I don’t really like this film. :confused:

Is there something wrong with me?

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Not liking Day of Anger’'s not all that odd.
Not liking Requiescant isn’t all that odd either tbh.

Not liking Day of Anger AND Requiescant though, that’s f*cking crackers, man! :grin: