Day of Anger / I giorni dell’ira (Tonino Valerii, 1967)

(autephex) #161

I have a hard time understanding that when it comes to something like DVDs, when there are better versions of the film available

I can understand if its the only release out there, or the best release, but otherwise I don’t get it.

Although WE’s cover art tends to blow all other companies out of the water, since they often use the actual poster images. SW posters are so cool, its a damn shame most companies use such shoddy artwork

(Provvidenza) #162

It’s probably also due to people wanting a full set of WE releases, they rather cleverly made all their releases part of a numbered collection. WE were putting out SW DVDs in the US from the begining really, and have continued to do so long after many other independent companies have packed up. Qudos to them, and it would be rather cool if their first blu-ray release was a remastered version of Day of Anger.

(ENNIOO) #163

I agree, but Wild East do not seem to be rushing into the blu-ray market.

(autephex) #164

I can understand that a little… I still want to complete my rainbow collection from Koch. But then the Koch discs are never matched really

By comparison, I have a hard time watching some of the earlier WE releases as they contain some really bad video encoding

(TheBad7) #165

This is a great showcasing for Lee Van Cleef. After almost fifteen years as a working character/supporting actor, playing heavies principally, Van Cleef finally received the recognition he deserved after his great turn as Colonel Douglas Mortimer in FAFDM. After that, from 1965 to 1970, he enjoyed his own Golden Age in which he worked in films–primarily SWs–with good scripts and top billing for himself.

I group this in Van Cleef’s “A” Category of Spaghetti Westerns; it’s as good as DEATH RIDES A HORSE, THE BIG GUNDOWN, and THE GRAND DUEL. Frank Talby is a great character–a character for whom more scripts could have been written. He is a heavy, but he’s a wily, elegant heavy–almost like an evil version of his Sabata character. Van Cleef’s greatest strength is his screen presence; the man has a screen presence rivaled by very, very few. That screen presence is here in this film in spades. In particular, I love the way Van Cleef uses his body language and his eyes to convey emotions and thoughts–this is more effective than pages of dialogue. In particular, I love the scene in the bar when Wild Jack beats the tar out of a young and green Scott Mary. When Scott tells Wild Jack that he’s “with him [Talby],” you see Van Cleef puff on his pipe, glance quickly at Scott, and then nonchalantly look away–as if he doesn’t know Scott, after which Wild Jack unloads on Scott. It’s a great pure cinematic moment, and Van Cleef was a master of that.

Wild East does make a beautiful print of this film–I really wish they would consider a second edition of it since it’s still highly sought after. I have seen the WE Edition, but I own a print by I.S. Filmworks out of Missouri. Beautiful print and in its complete 111 minute uncut runtime.

One other note: DAY OF ANGER has a great score by Riz Ortolani–who also did the score for LVC’s 1973 Eurocrime film, MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY. It’s somewhat Morricone-esque, but original enough to make it memorable from the wannabe Morricone scores prevalent in the Spaghetti Western genre. I am biased–Lee Van Cleef is my favorite film actor, but DAY OF ANGER never gets old.


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Its from a great side of a Gemma Fan -
Maybe anybody knows him … :wink:

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It’s not me, Lankyfellow, although I seemed to have written most of the texts.

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First thought its a Roman,till i noticed that every detail (zodiac sign,actual job) is referred to Gemma himself :slight_smile:

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I think the connection is one of his daughters, who’s a facebook friend

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Cool :wink:
The detail - Proud father - suits as well.

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I found a version on you tube with the missing scene, it’s at about 1:26:30

(Hornet) #172

Been a SW fan for years and I still haven’t seen this movie, although it’s supposed to be one of the best in the genre… It’s a shame! One reason may be that there isn’t any good official english (or norwegian) friendly releases available. Let’s hope that there will be in the near future. Of course I can buy me a good bootleg copy, but… I don’t know. What do you recommend? Wait for it to become officially available, maybe for years, or buy myself an unofficial version?

(ENNIOO) #173

Depends on how bad you want to see the film to a degree.

(Jonny Powers) #174

Well, I’d try and find an uncut bootleg/grey market/fandub dvd if I was you and wanted to see it. They might even be better quality than an official release.

(autephex) #175

Just get it via trade or download… no need to spend money on bootleg discs

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #176

There’s the japanese Blu Ray coming out, don’t know how it is though and its probably pricey.

(John Welles) #177

The Wild East release of this film goes for crazy money these days (upwards of $100). Does anyone have a copy of the film they can make a DVD +/- R of? Like with A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die I’d be willing to pay for postage and any other costs.

(sartana1968) #178

a man clean the toilets and never he shoot now he became the faster gun of the west, bottom SW for me from now

(Mickey13) #179

Damn, you change your mind quickly sartana1968. Even a year hasn’t passed yet. :wink:

(ENNIOO) #180

He cleans the toilets with such passion though.