I am very curious as to the credibility of Has anyone ordered from them? I would love to order from them but their prices seem to good to be true. Any help would be great.
Thanks- Mark
P.S.- Please e-mail me at -

Well, I think they are selling glorified DVD-R’s in fancy boxes. Ive never bought from them so I don’t know the quality.

I am curious as some of them say “remastered”. Are these dodgy rips of foreign DVD releases I wonder.

Here’s discussion about cultcine,1909.0.html

I have their Blindman DVD, it’s really well done. They are done up like glorified DVD-r’s, but I guess it depends on the film. Glorified fan dubs is note accurate.

Thanks for the info, I think I will give them a try. The prices are amazing for titles such as Face to Face and Day of Anger just to name a couple. 14.99 WOW!

That’s a better price than what I paid for FACE TO FACE. Oh well…

The prices are amazing because its literally just some dude copying DVDs on his computer and printing a label out for the case.

Considering this, the prices really aren’t that amazing at all…

But if ya want to support 'em, that’s cool, we all gotta hustle one way or another

Personally, I’d rather support a company like Explosive for a release such as Face to Face, even if it costs a bit more. At least I can resell that release for a good price down the line

I just went and took a gander at their site. Have to admit there’s a couple of films there I wouldn’t mind having. Hmm…

Get an account at CG :wink:

I’ve been offered one, but always neglect to take it up. I need to get off my lazy butt and do that!

[quote=“Payback, post:5, topic:3340”]Thanks for the info, I think I will give them a try. The prices are amazing for titles such as Face to Face and Day of Anger just to name a couple. 14.99 WOW!

I think that’s pretty expensive for only a DVD-R. He hasn’t paid for the rights, maybe spend only some time to add the dub. And he often uses fandubs which you can trade, and by that get for the price of the shipping and the blank DVD.

Just buy them all and then open your own shop selling DVDR copies of them for 13.99

That’s very true. It’s one of the main reasons I’m hesitating.

Its got everything, and more

You’d never be tempted to buy from a site like this again

That’s what my buddy keeps telling me. He gets me films from CG, and always wants me to sign up. I guess he’s tired of doing my dirty work… heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice if he printed custom dvd labels like the franco cleef ones. Also he inserts a “” watermark thing into the credits of some of them (such as Face to Face). Like someone else said, just get a CG account.

Not printing labels on the discs is silly… my inkjet printer costs about $30-$40 and prints directly onto white DVDrs, and looks great. If you can’t even be bothered to invest in a cheap printer to label the DVDs you’re selling, then how much do you really care about your product?

The watermarks are unforgivable.

Seriously, the days of grey market vendors are numbered in this ever-expanding internet age. Sites like cultcine only exist for those too lazy to just trade with other collectors - which is really part of the fun anyway

I hesitated to say this, but actually there is really no reason to simply get the cultcine discs in a trade, just like any other fan made DVD-R

:-\ what is CG?