Cry, Onion! / Cipolla Colt (Enzo G. Castellari, 1975)

References to modern football stadiums, Italian teams Torino and Juventus and even Adolf Hitler… to my way of thinking this excruciatingly dull cross between a second-class Trinity and Franco and Ciccio parodies (there is also a talking horse like in Due rrringos nel Texas) is a SW in the same way Scary movie is a Thriller… ;D :wink:

I’m more an Inter fan myself too

An Inter fan? That’s bad (I’m a Milan supporter)!!! :wink:

Well, I’m not too fanatic, so the forum will survive this rivalry …

Hobby&Work dvd is heavily cut, but unlike Trinity movies the uncut 96m30s version of Cipolla Colt/Cry Onion continues to be shown on Italian TV (last time two days ago).

Found myself laughing out loud at several moments in the first 20 minutes out of pure confusion over what I was watching, along with the strange soundtrack. The song during the ending “duel” with the distorted synthesizer was a stand out

Think I’ve found an appropriate title for double-billing with Captain Apache on some future film night with several beers in stock. Then again, that may bee too much gold for one gringo

thats good ;D ;D
really laughed

I hardly enjoyed this one. This movie is what the Germans call a “Klamotte” - silly and clownish sometimes really embarrassing. I gained the impression that it was the aim of Castellari to imitate the physical slapstick comedy of the silent movie era with their spectacular stunts (what is understandable if the movie was conceived for the kids). Only Castellari’s problem is that his slapstick scenes are not even as half as artistic, funny and well-paced like Chaplin’s or Keaton’s. Worth a look but I wouldn’t watch “Cipolla Colt” for a second time.

I can’t believe I still haven’t turned this off yet (43 min. into it).

Castellari can’t direct comedies for shit. I remember I Came, I Saw, I Shot being awful too. But this…

Italian DVD looks decent,except for the credit sequence that they took from a third generation VHS tape. Why?

By the way, Cipolla means the same as my last name, Siepel, so half of an Italian pseudonym is born. Yeah, that’s right. the name’s onion, hehe.

can’t wait to finally watch this gem, oh, i forgot dittos, “gem”

Well, I did turn it off and watched a Fulci sex comedy with Edwige Fenech instead.

Reasonable choice! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen this once (which was enough) and got a few chuckles from it. Nothing I’ll probably ever watch again, though.

Had avoided watching this one for years as I assumed it would be an unfunny slapstick mess that wasted the talents of all involved but today decided to give it a spin. What do you know? I was right the first time. Well, I guess the completist in me can tick it off the list but it hurts to see Nero, Hayden and Balsam involved in this shite.

I do not remember almost nothing about the movie with the exception of this situation, absolutely unforgettable due to its unrivaled craziness… :o

In terms of bizarreness this moment climbs inconceivable heights! ;D

Yes, whacky as all hell and completely unexplained that one.

i don’t remember that. Maybe better so …

Even though I’ve never considered viewing Cipolla Colt, I think I’m going to give it a shot now, after all the discussion about the film. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch it just so you can get it out of your blood. :slight_smile:

While watching, I’ll greedily consume onions, one after another. :wink: