Cry, Onion! / Cipolla Colt (Enzo G. Castellari, 1975)

Do we really want to see Franco Nero with curly hair?

Do we really want to see Nero imitating Terence Hill, but being rather stiff legged whilst bouncing around compared to Hill or Gemma?

Are we really interested to get the confirmation that Donati and Vincenzoni shouldn’t have tried to write a comedy?

Do we really want to see a Castellari comedy?

And if he does one, why there are less fistfights than in his “serious” SWs, now that he made the type of films in which fistfights are never out of place?

Do we really want to see silly western comedies instead of real westerns?

So many questions, so little answers …

In fact it ain’t that bad. It was lavishly produced (in relation to the usual SW budget), and was probably better directed than several of Castellari’s better westerns. It ain’t very funny, but was a moderate success in Italy nevertheless.
I especially like a slapstick scene with Nero on a bike trying to escape 3 gunmen on horses, which is slightly hilarious.

It is first of all a comedy and only in 2nd regard also a western, so I would recommend Cipolla Colt only for completetists.

I guess it was hard work to get over and done with this one :wink:

Haha nice review… I thought the movie trailer was very funny, so I got a copy of the movie… it has it’s moments and the music is funny though by the end it was sort of a depressing experience, not as good as the trailer.

I saw a bad fullscreen faded copy and it was viewed the day after coming home from a tropical vacation… So i’d like to see it in widescreen in a good mood.

Open matte full screen is just ok, as the original aspect ratio is 1,66:1.

Yeah, I carefully allowed myself only a small dose every day, so I survived the experience nearly sane, and now I’m hardened enough to try Tedeum over the next week. Thankfully a cut version.

Ohh, and Lanky, thank you very, very much for sending me Cipolla Colt without having been asked for.
Who needs enemies with friends like this …

Surprised me Nero’s voice was not used on the english dub on the dvd I viewed.

[quote author=Stanton link=topic=2062.msg59461#msg59461 date=1244975140
Ohh, and Lanky, thank you very, very much for sending me Cipolla Colt without having been asked for.
Who needs enemies with friends like this …
I thought you absolutely want to see it,must be a confusion ;D

In the german version he’s dubbed by Danneberg the german Terence Hill voice

To be fair, Cipolla Colt was conceived as a film for kids - that’s why it’s even sillier than most of the comedy Westerns.

That doesn’t excuse it entirely of course, but I guess we should cut Castellari and co. a little slack.

Tedeum, on the other hand, is just plain wretched, with no mitigating factors.

But it doesn’t appear to me as a film for kids. There are 2 kids, but they are not so cute, and the story is also not especially for kids. But it’s more suited for a mainstream audience than the Tresette films, and imo also more than the Trinita films.

Ah the kids !..little rogues in this. I did chuckle at some of their scenes, and made a change to see non cute kids.

It took me two days to watch it, but on the second day, I watched the highlights of Schalke - Inter in-between (sort of commercial break)

And do we really want to see Franco Nero talking with his horse about silly things?

Do we really need a review of this movie?


[quote=“scherpschutter, post:13, topic:1808”]Do we really need a review of this movie?


Definitely, yes …

It was fun to write

Man the film seemed so bad when I first saw it, a bad copy I must say, I will give it another shot but even with a good quality image it will take a miracle for me to like or fiding anything good in it (apart from Emma Cohen, who had a very similar look to a grilfriend I once had).
But who knows every spag is special even if just a little bit

I like this. 4/5! Oh yes! Castellari’s 2nd best western? Maybe. 8) ;D :o :-[

The DVD releases are cut and because of that so is the fandub version at CG (from Italian DVD). I can’t remember how long the longest version I have is (from Italian TV) but the Italian DVD(s) is ~83½ minutes while the Spanish one is ~87min (but still missing several minutes I think). I can’t remember seeing Castellari either but I have only watched the cut version so maybe he appears in the longer one?

There’s a 92m 37s PAL Italian TV version.

And is Castellari in it?
Giusti says he’s a ‘vice sceriffo’, and i’m sure he was none of the deputies in the version I saw (the shorter one, from CG)

Unfortunately for the moment I cannot check that.