Coolest Spaghetti Western Title

One of the aspects ofthe spaghettis is their cool names. the good the bad and thugly, the big gundown, and others. My personal fav title is Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead.

Heads You Die … Tails I’ll Kill You, My Name Is Halleluja

Long and winding. Stands for the SW philosophy including the religious component, someone had called this a sort of a SWs Catch 22.

Another good one:

Forewarned Is Half Killed … the word of the Holy Ghost

HowardHughes said the same thing (catch 22) about Hallelujah.

My favorite
"One Damned Day at Dawn, Django meets Sartana"

A Fidani title of course.

Hughes, of course, he’s useful

I’ll start my list, starting with n° 25
You’ll get also a chance to learn some Italian; the italian title is followed by a literal translation

25 - Ammazzali tutti e torna solo
Kill them all and come back alone

A great title, simple, but direct and strong (like my mother used to make coffee)

Ammazzare = to kill
A synonym, used a little more often, is Uccidere
Tornare is a synonym of Ritornare (for turn right, turn around etc. they use other verbs)

Italian is no so hard to pronounce; vowels are usually pronounced clearly
Words often have a very strong stress on one syllable (or more); this syllable is in bold
[zz] is officially pronounced as [ts], often you’ll hear [ds] or even [dz]

Ammazzali tutti e torna solo

The English title is the literal translation

24 – Là dove non batte il sole
i Where the sun doesn’t shine[/i]

The title refers to certain parts of the body of four prostitutes where (usually) the sun doesn’t shine; Lee van Cleef has to study them attentively because they have (parts of) a tattoo in the form of a map that leads to a treasure. A real treasure hunt, that’s for sure.

Battere = to beat, but it’s also used in relation to the sun

Là dove non batte il sole

English title: The Stranger and the Gunfighter

“Heads You Die… Tails I Kill You”

“Death Rides a Horse”

“My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow”

Those are my favorites.

Have a good funeral my friend… Sartana will pay!

And the crows will dig your grave

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:8, topic:1281”]24 – Là dove non batte il sole
i Where the sun doesn’t shine[/i][/quote]
Danish title for this one is Guld Under Bæltestedet which translates to Gold Below the Belt … In the same alley :slight_smile:

A favourite of mine:

Dio perdona… io no! aka God Forgives… I Don’t!

Another one I like was Drummer of Vengeance. Has a very gothic and apocalyptic sound to it.

Also like Those Dirty Dogs. A very cliched title but it seems that is what makes it cool.

I like a lot of the ones already mentioned…especially “And The Crows Will Dig Your Grave”, but also;

A Name That Cried Revenge
In A Colt’s Shadow
15 Scaffolds For A Killer
In The Name of The Father, The Son and The Colt :smiley:

Was the crow’s digging graves title a Fidani title? It sounds like it. He has some outlandish titles under his belt.

You’d think so…but no! And yes, Fidani came up with some great titles :smiley:

A couple more great titles are Cemeteries Without Vrosses just becuase it sounds cool, A Reason to Live A Reason to Die becuase it describes the character’s perdicament very well, Duck You Sucker because it has a comic sound to a very serious film, and Man Pride and Vengeance because it sounds cool.

Also like What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revoution, and the Forgotten Pistolero. I should have mentioned the latter one earlier.

Nope, it’s this one:án_tu_fosa%2C_Los
Speaking of crows “on the third day arrived the crow” is a nice title for shitty movie.

23 - Le Colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro
The Colts sang of death and it it was … massacre time

Cantare = to sing, the form cantarono is a past tense (passato remoto) often used in literature, hardly ever in spoken Italian.
Fu = also a passata remoto, from essere = to be

The title, and the use of this passato remoto, are references to the biblical text from the Book of Genesis: A God said: let there be light, and there was light. A causality is suggested between ‘God’s words’ and ‘the light’: they literally created the light; in the film title it is suggested that the ‘song of the colts’ created the ‘massacre time’ . Biblical references are omnipresent in SW titles (like biblical symbolism in the movies). Remoto means far away (remote controll!), distant, historical. Those forms of the ‘passata remoto’ grant a distinguished, eminent aureole to the titles, and for this reason they’re used rather often.

Le Colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro

English titles: Massacre Time, The Brute and the beast, Colt concert