Comprehensive List of SW's and where to get them

Sorry for the long title, but I needed something catchy. Anyway, I’ve put together a very rough draft list (taken respectively from this database) of SW’s and where to get them online. Keep in mind, this list is catered towards the English speaking voyeuer, so the list only contains places that I know of that sell the movie with english subs or dubs. Also, please keep in mind THIS IS NOT and endorsement of the companies listed. I personally have only bought from Atlas Visuals and just recently from Xploited, but I tried to gather general opinion from this board and apply that towards the list. Also, please keep in mind that I tried listing a legit release (whether available on Amazon or Xploited) first, and then a “second-hand” versions elsewhere, if “legit” copies were unattainable. I ask you all to please add-on to this list, as I am not pretending to know everything about SW’s nor some of these movies, but I just wanted to create a list to help ease the pain of hunting down certain titles. The titles in bold are titles that I couldn’t find, so if you know where to find them, please reply and I’ll edit this list accordingly. Also, if I missed any movies, let me know, I’ll add them. I tried to remove as many movies double names as possible. If we all contribute, this list could end up being something really powerful! Thanks.

Please reply with information on titles in BOLD and where to find them

Please reply with information on titles that are not listed

Please reply if you have a suggestion for a movie that is available in better quality then the one listed

Please reply if you have information on titles in bold that were released on VHS (and in English/subs)

Note: Titled in BOLD are titles NOT available on DVD or DVD-R.

Last note: I excluded all questionable “Euro-Westerns” or anything else that was goofy and not pertaining to the general guidelines of a “Spaghetti Western.” If perhaps you think I was wrong, tell me. Thanks guys.


A/V = Atlas Visuals (
Videoscreams (
Trash Palace (
LFVW = Luminous Film and Video Wurks (
Horror Theater Video (
Global Video: N/A
Cine City (
VSOM = Video Search of Miami (

A Bullet From God 1976 (Diamante Lobo or God’s Gun): as God’s Gun (also on cheap box sets)
A Bullet for Sandoval: cut version available on AMAZON/USED,
A Bullet for the General 1968 (Quien Sabe): Amazon or Xploited for Koch Media Release
A Coffin for the Sheriff (Bara per lo sceriffo, Una) 1965: Xploited Cinema and A/V
A Dollar Between the Teeth (A Stranger in Town) 1967: Amazon
A Gun for a Hundred Graves (Pistol for a Hundred Coffins) 1968: Xploited Cinema
A Minute to pray, a second to die: Amazon
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe: Xploited Cinema
A Man Called Blade (Mannaja): Amazon
A Man called Django! W Django! Exploited
A Man Called Joe Clifford: Xploited Cinema
A Pistol for Django: A/V (as Django Cut Price)
A Pistol for Ringo: Xploited Cinema (expensive)
A Professional Gun: Trash Palace (as The Mercenary)
A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die: Amazon (W/E)
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof: Xploited Cinema (expensive)
A Stranger in Paso Bravo: Sinister Cinema
A Stranger in Town: Amazon (Alfa digital) and A/V
Account Rendered 1966: Xploited Cinema
Ace High: Amazon (used) look for uncut version from Paramount
Adios Hombre: VSOM
Adios Sabata: Amazon (box set from MGM)
Alive or Preferably Dead: Xploited Cinema (expensive) and Trash Palace
All Out: __________
All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father:_____
Amigo, Stay Away: Amazon (as Ben and Charlie by W/E)
And God Said to Cain: Trash Palace, A/V, Xploited (all unofficial)
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave: Video Search of Miami
And They Smelled the Strange, Exciting, Dangerous Scent of Dollars: A/V and Trash Palace
Animal Called Man: Xploited Cinema, A/V
Anything For a Friend: A/V
Apache Fury: A/V
Apache Woman: Xploited Cinema
Apocalypse Joe: Xploited Cinema
Arizona Bill: A/V
Arizona Colt Returns: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media Release) or Global Video (ebay)
Avengers of the Ave Maria: A/V
Awkward Hands: A/V
Bad Kids of the West: Xploited Cinema
Badlands Drifter: A/V, Horror Theatre Video
Ballad of a Gunman: Amazon (W/E release)
Ballad of Death Valley: Trash Palace, Xploited Cinema
Bandera Bandits:____
Bastard, Go and Kill: Global Video (ebay)
Beast: Trash Palace
Between God, the Devil and a Winchester: Amazon (W/E release)
Beyond the Law: Amazon (W/E)
Ben and Charlie: Amazon (W/E)
Big Ripoff: Amazon (W/E)
Big Showdown: Amazon (as Grand Duel W/E)
Black Tigress: Global Video (as lola colt) 2008
Blood and Guns: A/V
Blood Calls to Blood: A/V
Blood at Sundown: Trash Palace or Global Video (2008)
Blood For a Silver Dollar: Xploited Cinema
Blood Money: Xploited Cinema (as Stranger and the Gunfighter)
Blood River:____
Boldest Job in the West: A/V
Boot Hill: Amazon (used)
Born to Kill: Trash Palace
Bounty Hunter in Trinity: Trash Palace
Brother Outlaw: A/V
Brothers Blue: A/V
Buddy Goes West: LFVW
Bullets and the Flesh: A/V
Bullets Don’t Argue: Xploited Cinema and A/V
Bury Them Deep: A/V
Calibre .38: A/V
Canadian Wilderness:____
Carambola’s Philosophy In the Right Pocket: A/V
Cemetery without crosses: A/V, Xploited Cinema (expensive)
Challenge of the MacKennas: A/V
Charge of the Seventh Cavalry: VSOM
China 9, Liberty: Trash Palace, A/V
Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine:_____
Chuck Moll Ciakmull: Amazon (W/E)
Ciccio Forgives, I Don’t:____
Clint the Lonely Nevadan: Amazon (W/E)
Colt in the Hand of the Devil: VSOM
Companeros: Amazon, Xploited
Con Men: A/V (as Sting of the West)
Cost of Dying: Trash Palace
Cowards Don’t Pray: A/V
Cry For Revenge: A/V
Cut Throats Nine: Xploited, A/V, Trash Palace
Dallas: A/V or Global Video (2008)
Damned Pistols of Dallas: A/V
Day of Anger: Amazon, Xploited
Day of Judgment Giorno del giudizio, Il
Days of Violence: Amazon (as Drummer of Vengeance)
Dead Are Countless: A/V (as Garringo)
Dead For a Dollar: Amazon and Trash Palace
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows: Global Video (ebay)
Dead Men Ride: Horror Theatre Video
Deadly Trackers: VSOM
Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears: A/V
Death at Owell Rock: A/V
Death Is Sweet from the Soldier of God: Trash Palace
Death Knows No Time:____
Death on High Mountain: A/V
Death Played the Flute: A/V
Death Rides a Horse: Xploited Cinema (UK MGM Version)
Death Rides Alone:____
Death Sentence: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media Release)
Death Walks in Laredo: Videoscreams
Deguello: A/V and Trash Palace
Deserter: Videoscreams (as Ride to Glory)
Desperado: A/V (as Now they call him sacramento) Trash Palace
Dick Luft in Sacramento: Xploited Cinema
Dig your grave friend…Sabata’s coming: Videoscreams
Django, a Bullet for You:____
Django…Adios: A/V or Trash Palace
Django Against Sartana: Xploited Cinema or Trash Palace
Django and Sartana Are Coming…It’s the End:____
Django Does Not Forgive: A/V (as Mestizo)
Django forgives, I don’t: A/V (as God Forgives, I don’t)
Django Kill!, If You Live…Shoot!: Amazon, Xploited Cinema
Django Kills Softly: Videoscreams
Django Last Killer: Amazon (W/E)
Django’s Cut Price Corpses: A/V or Trash Palace
Django Shoots First: Trash Palace, Xploited Cinema, Amazon (UK)
Django Strikes Again: Amazon (used)
Django the Bastard: Videoscreams, Amazon (used)
Do Not Touch the White Woman:____
Don’t Turn the Other Cheek:____
Don’t Wait, Django… Shoot!: A/V, Trash Palace
Down With Your Hands…You Scum: Trash Palace
Drop Them or I’ll Shoot: A/V
Drummer of Vengeance: Amazon
Duck, You sucker: Amazon
Duel in the Eclipse: A/V
Durango is Coming, Pay or Die:____
Dynamite Joe: VSOM
Dynamite Jim: A/V, Xploited Cinema
El Puro: LFVW
Face to Face: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media release in Sergio Sollima box set)
Fasthand is Still My Name: Videoscreams
Few Dollars for Django: A/V
Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer: A/V or Videoscreams
Fighters from Ave Maria: A/V (as Twilight Avengers)
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe: Xploited Cinema
Find a place to die: Xploited Cinema or A/V
Finders Killers: A/V (as Seven Devils on Horseback) Videoscreams
Fistful of Death: Trash Palace
Fistful of Dynamite: Amazon
Fistful of Knuckles:____
Five for Revenge: Videoscreams, Trash Palace (as Five Giants from Texas)
Five Man Army: Xploited Cinema
Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace: A/V
For a Book of Dollars: A/V
For a Few Dollars Less: A/V
For a Few Dollars More: Amazon
For a Few Extra Dollars: Amazon (as Fort Yuma Gold)
For One Hundred Thousand Dollars per Killing: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media release)
For One Thousand Dollars Per Day: A/V
Forewarned, Half Killed…the Word of the Holy Ghost: A/V (as His Name was the holy ghost)
Forgotten Pistolero: Amazon (W/E)
Four Came to Kill Sartana: Cinecity (bad quality)
Four Dollars for Vengeance: Cinecity
Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity:____
Four of the Apocalypse: Amazon
Full House for the Devil: Global Video (2008)
Fury of Johnny Kid: A/V
Fury of the Apaches: A/V
Garter Colt: A/V
Nobody’s the Greatest: Amazon, Xploited Cinema
Gentleman Killer: Amazon
Get the Coffin ready: Xploited Cinema (as Viva Django!)
Go Away! Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado: A/V
God forgives,I don’t: A/V, Xploited Cinema
Great Treasure Hunt: A/V
Gringos Do Not Forgive:____
Gunfight at Red Sands: Xploited Cinema
Gunman Called Nebraska: A/V as Ringo from Nebraska
His Name Was Sam Walbash But They Called Him Amen: Amazon (part of shitty low-budget box sets)
I’ll die for Vengeance: Global Video (2008)
You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death: Trash Palace
Jessy Does Not Forgive… He Kills!:____
Joe Dakota: A/V (as Shoot Joe, And Shoot Again)
John the bastard: LFVW
Keoma: Amazon
Killer Kid: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media 2008) or Global Video (2008)
Kill or be killed: Xploited Cinema, A/V
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?: Xploited Cinema, A/V
Machine Gun Killers: VSOM
Macho Killers: VSOM
Magnificent Brutes of the West:____
Magnificent Three:____
Magnificent West:____
Mallory Must Not: VSOM
Man and a Colt:____
Man Called Amen: A/V and Videoscreams
Man Called Gringo: A/V and Videoscreams
Man Called Invincible: Xploited Cinema and A/V
Man From Canyon City:____
Man From the Cursed Valley: A/V
Man of the East: Xploited Cinema
Man Who Cried for Revenge: A/V
Man With the Golden Pistol: VSOM (as doc hands of steel)
Man With the Golden Winchester:____
Massacre at Fort Holman: Amazon (as Reason to live, reason to die) and A/V
Massacre at Grand Canyon: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media release)
Massacre at Marble City: VSOM (in german!)
Massacre Time: Xploited Cinema and Amazon
May God Forgive You…But I Won’t:____
More Dollars for the MacGregors: A/V
Murieta: Global Video (as revenge of sartana) check ebay or A/V
Mutiny at Fort Sharp: A/V
My Colt, Not Yours:____
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow:____
My Name is Nobody: Xploited
My Name is Pecos" A/V
My Name is Shanghai Joe: A/V
Night of the Serpent: Global Video (ebay)
No Graves on Boot Hill: VSOM
No Room to Die: Xploited Cinema and A/V
Nobody is the Greatest: Xploited Cinema
Now They Call Him Amen: A/V
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow: LFVW
Once Upon a Time in the West: Amazon
Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West: VSOM (in italian!)
One After Another: A/V (as Day After Tomorrow)
One Against One…No Mercy:____
One by One: Xploited Cinema
One Damned Day at Dawn…Django Meets Sartana: Trash Palace and Videoscreams
One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Lassiter: A/V
One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Ringo:____
One Dollar of Fire:____
One silver Dollar: Xploited Cinema
Paid in Blood: A/V
Panhandle Calibre .38: A/V
Paths of War:____
Patience Has a Limit, We Don’t:____
Payment in Blood: Amazon (W/E releasing 2008) or Trash Palace
Pecos Cleans Up: A/V (as Pecos is my name)
Piluk, The Timid One: A/V (as gun shy piluk)
Pistol for a Hundred Coffins: A/V
Pistol Packin’ Preacher: A/V
Poker with pistols: A/V
Pray to Kill and Return Alive: Xploited Cinema (Koch Media release)
Prey of Vultures:____
Price of Death: Xploited Cinema
Quintana: dead or Alive: A/V
Quinto: Fighting Proud: A/V
Raise Your Hands Dead Man…You’re Under Arrest: Xploited Cinema (koch media release part of halleluja box set)
Ramon the Mexican: A/V
Rattler Kid: Xploited Cinema or Amazon
Red Blood, Yellow Gold: A/V, Amazon (W/E releasing 2008)
Red Coat: Trash Palace (as cormack of the mounties)
Red Sun: Amazon
Renegade Gun:____
Return of Clint the Stranger: Amazon (W/E releasing 2008) and Trash Palace
Return of Django: Xploited Cinema
Return of Halleluja:____
Return of Ringo: Trash Palace or Xploited Cinema
Return of Sabata: Amazon
Return of Shanghai Joe:____
Revenge for Revenge: Videoscreams (as they called him trinity)
Reverend Colt: A/V
Rick and John, Conquerors of the West:____
Ride and Kill: A/V
Ringo and Gringo Against All: A/V (as rebels on the loose)
Ringo and his Golden Pistol: A/V
Ringo: Face of Vengeance: Xploited Cinema or A/V
Ringo, It’s Massacre Time:____
Ringo: The Lone Rider: A/V
Ringo’s Big Night: Trash Palace
Rita of the West: Amazon
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack: Amazon
Run Man,Run: Amazon
Ruthless Colt of the Gringo:____
Sabata: Amazon (Sabata boxset)
Sabata the killer: Xploited Cinema
Sartana and His Shadow of Death: VSOM
Sartana Does Not Forgive: VSOM (in spanish!)
Sartana in the Valley of Death Sartana: Amazon (UK)
Sartana Kills Them All: A/V
Sartana, the Invincible Gunman: VSOM
Sartana’s Coming, Get Your Coffins Ready: Amazon or Trash Palace (as fistful of lead)
Seven Dollars to Kill: A/V or koch media releasing 2008
Seven Guns for the MacGregors: Xploited Cinema
Seven Guns From Texas:____
Seven Hours of Gunfire: A/V
Seven Nuns in Kansas City: VSOM (in spanish!)
Seven Pistols for a Gringo:____
Seven Women for the MacGregors: Xploited Cinema
Shanghai Joe: Xploited Cinema
Shango: LFVW
Sheriff of Rock Spring: A/V
Sheriff With the Gold: A/V
Shoot, Gringo… Shoot!: Xploited Cinema (koch media release)
Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again: Trash Palace
Shoot the Living…Pray for the Dead: Amazon or Xploited Cinema (koch media release)
Shotgun: A/V
Sign of the Coyote: A/V
Silver Saddle: Trash Palace
Sledge A Man Called: Amazon
Some Dollars for Django: Xploited, Amazon (UK)
Sometimes Life Is Hard - Right, Providence?: Xploited Cinema or A/V
Son of Django: Xploited, Videoscreams
Specialists: Xploited Cinema
Stranger in Paso Bravo: VSOM
Stranger in Sacramento: A/V or Videoscreams
Stranger’s Gundown: Amazon
Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse: Global Video, Amazon (W/E 2008)
Taste for Killing: Amazon (W/E)
Ten Thousand Dollars Blood Money: Xploited Cinema (koch media/ django box set)
Tequila: A/V
Texas: Xploited Cinema, Amazon (as price of power)
Texas, Adios: Amazon
The Angry Gun: Xploited Cinema
The Belle Starr Story: Videoscreams
The Big Gundown: Xploited Cinema (koch media/sergio sollima boxset)
The Colt is My Law:____
The Godless Ones: Videoscreams
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Amazon
The Grand Duel: Amazon (W/E)
The Great Silence: Amazon, Xploited Cinema
The Magnificent Texan: Xploited Cinema and A/V
The Man Called Noon:____
The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid:____
The Mercenary: Trash Palace
The Moment to kill: Global Video
The Return of Ringo: Xploited Cinema
The Reward’s Yours, the Man’s Mine:____
The Road to Fort Alamo: A/V
The Stranger in Japan: A/V
The Stranger Returns: A/V
The Tall Women: A/V
They Believed He Was No Saint:____
They call him Cemetery: Xploited Cinema (koch media/halleluja box set)
They call him Veritas: Xploited Cinema
They call me Trinity: Xploited Cinema
They Still Call Me Amen:____
They Were Called Graveyard: Trash Palace (as twice a judas)
Thirteenth is a Judas:____
Thirty Winchesters for El Diablo: A/V
This Man Can’t Die: Amazon or Trash Palace
Those Dirty Dogs!: Xploited Cinema
Three Graves for a Winchester: A/V (as 3 bullets for ringo)
Three Musketeers of the West: A/V
Three Silver Dollars:____
Three Supermen of the West: Global Video (2008)
Thunder Over El Paso: Videoscreams
Time and Place for Killing: Videoscreams (as tequila joe)
Time Breaker: A/V (as get mean)
Time of Vultures: A/V (as last of the badmen)
To Hell and Back: Global Video (coming in 2008, as One More Hell)
Today It’s Me…Tomorrow You:_____

Today We Kill, Tomorrow You Die: Amazon (shitty VCI version), Xploited
Too Much Gold for One Gringo: A/V and Global Video (2008)
Train for Durango: A/V, Xploited (koch media 2008
Tramplers: A/V
Trinity and Sartana Are Coming: Amazon (cheap quality version)
Trinity is still my Name: Xploited Cinema
Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar:____
Trinity Sees Red: Xploited Cinema (as revenge of trinity)
Twenty Paces to Death:____
Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven:____
Two Crosses at Danger Pass: A/V
Two Faces of the Dollar:____
Two Gangsters in the Wild West:____
Two Pistols and a Coward: A/V
Two R-R-Ringos From Texas:____
Two Sergeants of General Custer:____
Two Sons of Ringo: A/V
Two Sons of Trinity:____
Up the MacGregors!: A/V
Ugly Ones: Xploited Cinema (as bounty killer)
Valdez the Halfbreed:____
Vendetta at Dawn: Xploited Cinema
Vengeance: Amazon, Xploited
Vengeance Is a Dish Eaten Cold: Xploited (as vengeance trail)
Vengeance is Mine: Xploited Cinema (koch media release/django box set)
Vengeance of the barbarians: Xploited Cinema, A/V, Trash Palace (all as BLINDMAN)
Viva Cangaceiro:____
Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return: A/V
What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution?: A/V
White Comanche: Amazon (shitty western collections) and A/V
White, the Yellow, and the Black: Xploited Cinema
Winchester Does Not Forgive: A/V (as buckaroo)
Woman for Ringo: VSOM (in spanish!)
Wrath of God:____
Yankee: Xploited Cinema (koch media release)
You Are a Traitor and I’ll Kill You!: Videoscreams
You Die… But I Live: Xploited Cinema (as bandidos)
You’re Jinxed, Friend, You Just Met Sacramento: VSOM

Excellent idea Patrick, good work compiling the list and I hope it gets updated and used. :smiley:

Holy shit :o

Are you going to buy them all at the same time? :o

NO NEIN NICHT I can safely say that Patrick does NOT look or smell like that

Rotten Abramo-witch :’( the runaway “oligarch” who has seized the Russian People money ??? Capitalism is ok but it needs to be shared not in a few dirty greedy hands :’(

Therefore Patrick will not be showing off or throwing “his” money around as Abram does :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, if I only had money to buy all of the Koch Media releases! But seriously…I’m not here to promote these dudes, and if you guys have suggestions on better places or sources to get them, post them. This list will only survive as long as you guys make it last, which I hope it a long time.

I think you should start with those films released on proper DVDs that you don’t already have, they are already in the database, there are a lot of them and new films are released all the time.

A lot of these other bootlegs are from old video-cassettes with rather poor picture-quality, if you don’t already have a big collection it’s better to wait, some of these might get a proper release in the future.

I think there might be a slight misunderstanding…this list isn’t for me. This is not a reflection of any kind of collection, besides the list of International titles this database lists under English. I just thought it’d be a good idea for English-speaking (or reading) folks to have a quick source to look at if they wanted to check out a movies availability. I understand 80% of active members of this forum don’t need this list, but that’s also a reason why you need to help expand it. If anything, I think this list can contribute a little to the SW “movement”, it could produce a little for the companies trying to put this product out there. I’m more then willing to take off the unofficial releases if there is a legit release (that is of superior quality). Lastly, I have no interest in collecting all of these films, where the hell would I put them?

Patrick that is fine , I think the forum likes/wants your list and is willing to input additions
and suggestions.

Speaking for myself I like to see listed as much information as possible. All the legal and
official releases alongside the DVD-r/Bootlegs and un-official releases. More choice is best.

I can see that your list is for INFORMATIVE purposes and I appreciate it as such.
Possibly Lindberg and I ? were joking about you buying all of them ;D :wink:
Well if you win the lottery you can …£££££££££ :o

Ha, I’d certaintly try if I could…

[quote=“Patrick R. Park, post:7, topic:825”]I think there might be a slight misunderstanding…

I have no interest in collecting all of these films[/quote]

That’s too bad :o :’(

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Something to add:

Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows: Xploited (Global)
Dick Luft in Sacramento: Xploited (x-rated release)
They call him Veritas: Xploited (Southern dvd)


Gunfight at Red Sands
Bullets don’t Argue
7 Guns for MacGregors
7 Women for MacGregors

These are available at xploited as good quality Italian releases with english audio.

Sabata is Coming: Amazon (Sabata boxset)
Sabata the killer: Amazon (Sabata boxset)

These two are not in Sabat boxset. Sabata the killer is available at Xploited (x-rated release)

The Magnificent Texan, also at xploited (simpel release)

Hey Bill, does Gunfight at Red Sands go by another name? Thanks for the info

[quote=“Patrick R. Park, post:13, topic:825”]Hey Bill, does Gunfight at Red Sands go by another name? Thanks for the info[/quote]Duello nel Texas
Gringo (Spain) | Gunfight at Red Sands (USA) | Drei gegen Sacramento | Duell in Texas

A Coffin for the Sheriff (Bara per lo sceriffo, Una) -also available at xploited (japanese SPO)

A Stranger in Town: Amazon (W/E) -this must be mistake. WE hasn’t released this. But there’s a bootleg by alpha digital with Stranger Returns

Bastard, Go and Kill: Global Video

El Puro
John the Bastard
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow
-dvd-rs available at Luminous films.

I emailed luminous twice. I wanted some info on one of their DVD-R’s. They have not responded. Is this typical of them?

I emailed them October 3th asking them a couple of questions about some of their dvds I was interested in and I’m still waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Plus other people on this forum have had bad experiences dealing with them. I would stay clear.

Blood Money: Is this same films as THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER? If so, it’s also available at xploited (french Seven sept dvd with english audio)

Four Dollars for Vengeance: Cinecity’s dvd-r is very good looking widescreen version
Four Came to Kill Sartana: Also available at cinecity but not good quality and fullscreen. Maybe better version is available elesewhere.

To Hell and Back: a.ka One more to Hell is supposed to be coming soon from Global

I was a little hesitant to add them to the list, as I was aware of problems like this.

What’s the best way to get in contact with Global Video? I know Xploited sells a couple of their stuff, but I read they don’t carry any newer releases. I can put this contact info in the list