Clint the Nevada’s Loner / Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar, 1967)

So far I had avoided this movie, mainly because my order for the Wild East double feature was canceled a couple of years ago. Somehow I forgot about the whole thing

Anyway, my expectations were low, so I was happy to find out that the movie was more enjoyable (no, not much better, but more enjoyable nevertheless) than expected. Everybody tells me the sequel is better, so who knows I will be dissappointed by it …

(I first called my review Clint the Stranger, but then decided to respect the more common, but imo non-sensical title Clint the Nevada’s Loner - I somehow like the sound of it)'s_Loner_Review

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Watched this one, which I haven’t seen before, back to back with the remake, The Return of Clint the Stranger. Usually I prefer the later spaghs before the earlier ones with heavier American influence. But in this case, I was in for a surprise. Clint the Stranger is, at least in my taste, a better film than the remake; better written and acted and with a better feel to it. Also, George Martin is better in this one, I think, and it has Marianne Koch in it, too. Even the happy ending worked somehow, unlike the embarrassing ending of the remake. But I think I have seen mention that Balcázar didn’t really direct the latter?

I read a comment that there’s two different English dubs available for this film. Can anybody confirm that it’s true?

Will be released on DVD in Germany on August 19th with two different cover:

No details available yet…


Great to see Cargo putting out some obscure little films like this one and Lynching, hopefully it’ll be English friendly. Their releases usually are so the odds are good

Decent little film. Not great, not too bad. Pleasantly surprized. It has a good cast of familiar faces. Nothing spectacular though.

Glad I was finally able to find it to watch.


I actually like the re-make (often referred to as a sequel) better. Much more cheaply made but far more gritty and it had Klaus Kinski.

*Had to edit because I misspelled “Kinski”. I have an excuse though. I grew up with a “Paul Klinsky” so I have tried to spell “Klinski” wrong my entire life. :laughing:

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Yes I already have that one, and I like it better as well. Been wanting to see this one for a while though, because of that. The grittier the better, I say, generally speaking. This one is kinda more like Shane with that annoying kid.


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